Newborn Photography Brisbane | Bee Cherished Photography

Newborn Photography Brisbane

I booked a videographer to promote Newborn Photography in Brisbane with Bee Cherished Photography. I asked for a newborn model to visit the studio to be filmed with Mum and Dad. All the action took place Thursday the 7th of September. Thank you so very much to everyone involved on the day. We had lots of fun and certainly have a few hilarious memories. Yes all those videos and photos of newborns and bodily functions do happen! Welcome to my world of newborn photography I wouldn’t change anything. I truly believe I have the best job.

Newborn video’s Brisbane Northside

Last Thursday I had the pleasure to watch two very talented videographers creating a short video for Bee Cherished Photography. I have a new appreciation for their creative visage and expertise. Thank you to Sean and Jess for making me feel so comfortable to be on the other side of a camera. I’m so excited to see the finished product. Thank you to the two families who volunteered their time to be a part of the filming. I was so fortunate to have two adorable newborn baby girls along with their parents. I am privileged to have already viewed a sneak peek and you all look amazing. The love you have for your baby girls is very evident. Stay tuned to see the final results! Here are a few photos taken on the newborn photography Brisbanebest newborn photography Brisbanebest newborn photography Brisbane

Newborn Photography Studio Brisbane

The purpose of creating the video is to show a snippet of newborn photography sessions and share my beautiful studio space. I am currently tweaking my website and I will be adding the video so please visit to check out the new changes. The studio was purpose built for Maternity and newborn photography. I would love everyone to feel comfortable, at home and relaxed during a maternity or newborn session. Newborn safety is always a high priority and was well practiced during the video footage. One of my favourite award winning photographers has written a great article on newborn photography and safety. Please check out what Channon has to say about this very important topic Newborn safety with Channon Williamson

Newborn Photography Brisbane | Maternity and Newborn photography packages | Brisbane Northside Newborn Studio


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6 day old baby Hope Brisbane Northside Newborn photography

6 day old Baby Hope

6 day old baby Hope couldn’t be any cuter if she tried. It’s always extra special to photograph a baby following a maternity shoot. I love meeting parents. Knowing how excited this couple were to be having a baby made their story a very memorable one. Gorgeous baby Hope, you are a very lucky baby and you are so very loved. I can just see you being Daddy’s little girl and Mummy’s world.

newborn family photo BrisbaneBest newborn photo of a baby girlBest newborn photo of a baby girl

Between 5 to 10 days is the perfect age to have newborn photos taken

Are you wondering when to book your newborn photography session?  The best time to photograph a newborn is under 2 weeks. Ideally between 5 to 10 days old. At this age babies are very comfortable, sleepy and very easy to photograph in those curly newborn poses. With limited bookings available I recommend booking your newborn session during the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy. A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking. I add a note to the calendar with your due date. I ask when your baby has arrived you add me to the list of people to notify. Once you’ve contacted me I will then lock in a session for you while your baby is between 5 to 10 days old.

Booking a Newborn photography session | Brisbane Northside

Due to limited availability if your baby has arrived a little earlier or later than expected by booking in advance you are guaranteed a session.

If for any reason you haven’t booked ahead I will always try to schedule a session for you as early as possible. I do photograph babies of all ages. Thank you for considering Bee Cherished Photography I look forward to hearing from you. I am happy to except payment plans.

Brisbane Northside Newborn Photography | Brisbane Northside Maternity and Newborn Photographer | North Brisbane Newborn photography Studio


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Happy Father’s Day from Bee Cherished Photography

proud father holding his newborn baby girl

Happy Father’s Day

Wishing all the Dad’s a very Happy Father’s Day this Sunday! I hope your day is filled with laughter and happy memories and lots of cuddles.

We have a family tradition in our house, it started when our children were very small and continues for every special occasion every year. On Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and every birthday we start our day eating chocolate in bed. Yes! How wonderful! It started many years ago when we all fitted on our bed comfortably with lots of room. We would open presents and eat chocolate as a family! I LOVE it and can’t imagine starting the day on any special occasion any other way. Fast forward to an empty nesters house and I’m so fortunate my children will still make an effort when possible to continue the tradition. These days with my daughter married we have tried to fit 5 grown up people in our bed to enjoy chocolates. Hhmm … funny! We now have a blanket box and a chair which allows us all to be a little more comfortable. My son is now living in the Northern Territory and is not able to always make it home for every birthday. I’m so excited this Father’s Day we will all be together. Yay I am super excited and can’t wait to see what chocolates we start the day with. You may believe it’s Mother’s Day reading this I can hardly wait and I am madly counting down the sleeps until we are all together.

Special memories and traditions

Now if you’re reading this and thinking how lovely I would encourage you all to be naughty and start your own special memories and traditions. Memories and fun don’t have to cost a lot of money they are the moments we treasure. As a family we didn’t buy chocolate or many sweet things I was always keen to feed my family as healthy as I could. I think this is one of the reasons birthdays became so special. It was a real treat to have chocolates in the house and especially naughty to eat them first thing in the morning before breakfast. I personally think chocolate tastes delicious early in the morning with a cup of tea. If you haven’t tried it maybe you should buy a box of chocolates this Father’s Day. You may even decide to take it one step further and eat them on the bed! Forget the bacon and eggs for Dad that can be after the coffee and chocolate.

Chocolate lovers

I love my family tradition and I love my children continuing our chocolate tradition as adults. Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s this Sunday! I hope you have an amazing day enjoying good company and fingers crossed you also eating naughty food after all it is a special occasion. What better reason to eat chocolates and special treats.

Happy Father’s Day from Bee Cherished

father holding a newborn baby kissing parents and newborn family photoproud father holding a newborn babynewborn family photosproud father holding a newborn babynewborn photo with parents



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Newborn photography Safety is a priority

newborn safely posed on bean bag

Newborn Photography Safety Checklist

Recently they has been a lot of discussion surrounding newborn photography safety. As a parent looking for a newborn photographer I’d like you to know safety is my number one priority. It is an absolute privilege to photograph newborn babies and during your session I want you to feel relaxed and confident knowing your baby is in gentle caring hands.

Bee Cherished Photography safety

As a professional newborn photographer these are some of the newborn photography safety standards I follow

  • I always use safe posing methods with siblings
  • I would never leave a baby unattended on the bean bag or a prop
  • I always ask parents to participate when using any props
  • I only pose babies in comfortable positions, every baby has their own unique story
  • I do not use any glass props or any breakable objects
  • I always use the strap on my camera around my neck when taking any photos close to your baby

I truly believe every baby have their own comfortable positions just like adults. If I’m photographing a baby I am constantly making sure they are warm, comfortable and relaxed with every different position. I am fully vaccinated and insured. As a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography I continue to update my knowledge every year. I ensure every photography prop is washed or sterilised after each session. I promise to bend over backwards to make your photography session a wonderful experience with precious memories.

simple safe newborn photo

Newborn Photography Safety

As a new parent you should feel completely relaxed and happy watching your newborn photography session. I would expect you to be oohing and aahing with every new pose. Not sitting on the edge of your seat feeling anxious. Sometimes the simplest photos are the most treasured and there is never any reason your baby should be squirming or crying for a photograph.  Photoshop is commonly used for composite images and often the safest way for sibling photographs.

Interested in booking a newborn photography session?

Please phone me .. Tracy on 0412996891 or send an email to for a full price list and inclusions

Brisbane Newborn photography | Brisbane Baby photographer | Brisbane Maternity and Newborn Baby Photography

comfortable and safe newborn photo

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Newborn Model required Brisbane Northside Studio for promo video

newborn model required Brisbane

Newborn Model required Brisbane Northside

I’m looking for a newborn model! Please share!

Do you know anyone who may be interested? Newborn Model required

 I’m looking for a newborn model for Thursday the 7th of September.

As a thank you for your time you will be given photos taken on the day. I’m looking for a newborn baby under two weeks of age.

On Thursday the 7th of September I will need a newborn baby model and parents for a promotional video. As a thank you for your time I would love to share images from the day and one large printed image. I am looking for a newborn baby girl or a newborn baby boy under two weeks of age. Parents will need to sign a model release and photos and video will be used on my website and social media.

Are you pregnant and due late August or early September?

If you’re pregnant or know anyone expecting a baby I’m looking for a newborn baby model.

If Interested please phone Tracy on 0412996891 or send an email to for more information.

looking for a newborn model on Brisbane's Northside

Bee Cherished Photography Brisbane Northside Maternity and Newborn Studio

Bee Cherished Photography are located in Caboolture on Brisbane’s Northside. Our purpose built studio has been created for maternity and newborn photography. I love timeless simple newborn photography with a touch of vintage style. Bee Cherished is home to a wide variety of newborn photography props. Cute knitted hats and wraps are also available along with pretty head bands. Feel relaxed and at home in a private and comfortable environment to feed and comfort your baby. Change table facilities are available with wipes, nappies and lotions. I am fully vaccinated and a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Visit Bee Cherished Photography’s Newborn Gallery

Brisbane Northside Newborn Photography | Newborn Model required for promotional video | Bee Cherished Photography



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What are my top 5 most requested newborn photos?

What are my top 5 most requested newborn photos?

Are you wondering what the top 5 most requested newborn photos are? What are your top 5 dream photos? It’s a truly magically moment bringing a newborn into the world. Every brand new Mother and Father want to cherish those memories forever. Babies change and grow so quickly, those fleeting newborn features just don’t last. I’m often asked how many photos will I receive?

How many photos will I receive with my newborn photography package?

Bee Cherished Photography are located in Caboolture on Brisbane’s Northside. Every newborn session is unique and personally tailored towards the comfort of your baby and personal requests. During a newborn session I aim for a variety of timeless newborn photos with a mix of family and the use of props. I usually upload between 40 to 50 images from each session. Within 2 weeks I will send you a link to an online private gallery for you to select your favourites. So are you wondering what are the top 5 most requested newborn photos? My very favourite photos are always from the following. These top 5 newborn photos are selected almost every time.

 What are the 5 most requested newborn photos?

beautiful happy family photo with newborn

Newborn baby with both parents – A beautiful emotive tight crop showing all the love and two very proud parents

mother holding her newborn and kissing

Mother and her newborn baby – There is nothing quite the same as the love a mother has for her newborn baby

hippy dad with a newborn in his arms smiling

Daddy and his newborn baby – Becoming a parent for the first time makes us fall in love with our partners even more

beautiful timeless newborn photo

Our newborn baby pure and simple – A timeless image of your newborn baby that never dates

Adorable baby feet close up photo

Newborn Feet – Yes it’s true I’m not the only who adores tiny baby feet

Newborn family and sibling photos

Of course if you are lucky enough to already have other children family photos would be included in your top 5. With a diverse selection of photos available in your online gallery you’re sure to find the perfect top 5 photos to suit your family. I love seeing printing photos and beautiful albums. One of my favourite things about being a newborn photographer is seeing your final package with your selection of photos. It never gets boring when wall art arrives with your favourite photo. I’m definitely on a mission to make sure you have beautifully archival printed images to share with your family and friends. Gorgeous newborn photos are too precious to be forgotten on a USB in a draw. Please print your images and share them with your children it’s the most wonderful way to improve their self esteem.

If you’ve enjoyed seeing the most requested newborn photos by Bee Cherished send an enquiry below

Thanks for stopping by. If you’re looking forward to welcoming a new baby soon I’d love to hear from you and find out what photos you’d like during your session. You are most welcome to call for a chat anytime. I’m Tracy and I can be contacted on 0412996891

North Brisbane Maternity and Newborn Photography Bee Cherished Photography are located in Caboolture
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Newborn photographer Brisbane Northside Baby Makenna

newborn photos using all cream knitted blanketnewborn photos using all cream knitted blanket

Newborn photographer Brisbane Northside Baby Makenna

Bee Cherished Photography recently had the pleasure of meeting baby Mackenna. I’m going to confess Mackenna lived up to her beautiful name in personality. Adorable pink cheeks and the cutest little newborn pout. At 13 days  this precious little bundle was still so very curly. Totally loved Makenna’s gorgeous crazy baby hair. Yes I have a thing for baby hair and babies feet! I guess I’m in the right job and feel so lucky and privileged to enjoy my work so much. It’s completely true I wake up super excited each session to meet every new baby and their parents. I’m like a tiny child in a lolly shop. I actually still really love lollies and haven’t changed. The night before every shoot you’ll find me in my studio playing with props and getting something out ready. The newborn studio is filled with so many baby props some people may find it overwhelming. I love to create new ideas and unique portraits for everyone so I will always have an idea ready.

timeless simple newborn photo in cream knitted blanketnewborn feet close up photo

When is the best time to book your newborn photographer?

It makes perfect sense to book ahead for availability. I’m currently taking bookings for September and October with limited vacancies available currently. Ideally the best time for newborn photos is 5 to 10 days old. Anytime within the first two weeks is perfect. If you’re baby is older for whatever reason and hasn’t had photographs yet don’t worry. We can take beautiful photos of your baby capturing all the precious details. The difference is we might need to pose your baby slightly differently and some baby props may not be suitable. Baby safety is a priority.

newborn baby girl photographed in a nest

Pure and simple newborn photography is always timeless

My very favourite newborn photos are always the simple pure photos. Photos of your gorgeous baby that will never date. In twenty years your child will love looking at the simple and timeless images that show how precious and tiny they were. Yes photography props are fun and I do enjoy mixing things up and creating complete cuteness as well. During your newborn photography session you will have a mix of both traditional portraits with fun and creative ideas. Portrait gifts to please any generation.

close up newborn photo in both parents hands

Bee Cherished photography located in Caboolture on Brisbane’s Northside | Professional Newborn Photographer


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Brisbane Northside Newborn photographer | Baby Brooklyn 7 days

cutest newborn and big brother phototiny newborn baby girl with flower head band

Brisbane Northside Newborn photographer | Baby Brooklyn

Brisbane Northside newborn photographer Bee Cherished Photography has the best fun photographing baby Brooklyn and family recently. I have had the honour of photographing this amazing family many times. I was super excited to hear Connor was going to be a big brother. I met Judd and Natasha for their maternity photos just over two years ago. A happy couple in love and couldn’t wait to have their first baby. The second time was of course meeting cutest Connor. Some things never change and I have to say Connor is still the cutest young man with the most beautiful manners. As a 2 year old he has the most gentle caring personality and I had lots of giggles during the family maternity shoot including Connor.

vintage macrame newborn swing with a baby girl phototiny newborn baby girl with cute little hatcutest newborn baby girl so tiny with a cute knitted hat

Newborn baby girl Brooklyn 7 days

My heart melts when I see how much love this family have for their newest addition baby Brooklyn. It really brings a little tear watching Connor as a big brother. He is in love with his baby sister and his smile tells it all. Brooklyn was in a hurry to meet her family arriving early and only weighing 6 pounds and 2 ounces. Tiny little petite features and so so curly. It’s hard to imagine just how small this baby girl is. Love the photo of Brooklyn with both parents and big brother’s hands displaying her beautifully.

tiny newborn with family hands

family newborn photograph

Looking for a Brisbane Northside newborn photographer?

Bee Cherished Photography have a purpose built newborn studio in Caboolture. Enjoy your family newborn photography session in relaxed and comfortable surroundings. Arrive to a warm cosy room filled with adorable vintage suitcases and newborn props. Cute newborn hats and headbands unique to Bee Cherished and matching wraps. If you love soft muted colours and timeless newborn images with a vintage touch contact Tracy on 0412996891 to book your maternity and newborn photography.

If you’ve enjoyed these photos please visit our newborn gallery to view other images

Interested in reading newborn photography session information? click here

Please book early to ensure availability. A deposit is required at the time of booking to secure current pricing and your spot on the calendar

Brisbane Northside newborn photographer | Caboolture newborn photography

Brisbane Maternity and Newborn photography

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Newborn photography North Brisbane | Baby Darcy

vintage draw newborn photography prop

North Brisbane Newborn photography

North Brisbane newborn photographer Bee Cherished recently photographed gorgeous baby Darcy. At 13 days old little Darcy was already so alert. Full of character already and not wanting to miss out on anything. With perfect little features I just loved his facial expressions. I photographed this adorable baby boy in neutral colours of creams, beige, browns and a touch of grey. How cute is Darcy curled up in the log bed? I have recently introduced a few new props into the studio and the duck egg draw is one of my favourites.

sleeping newborn photolog bed newborn photography propsnewborn photography prop swing

Newborn photography props

Bee Cherished is home to a variety of adorable newborn photography props. The log bed is always a favourite, especially for baby boys. I’m fast becoming a huge fan of vintage props and LOVE my brand new vintage draw. Painted in distressed duck egg blue with the most beautiful decorative handle I’m so excited to see this prop presented in different ways. Every prop will look unique when photographed on different back drops dressed with a variety of colours and wraps etc. Keep an eye out to see this draw photographed with shades of pastel pinks and a cute little baby girl.

Sentimental items for newborn photography

I welcome sentimental items to be included in your newborn photography sessions. It’s wonderful to see so many hand made knitted wraps and blankets and they are precious items and look great in photos. I’ve photographed many different props brought from home however I do ask if you’re considering bringing something large or unusual please let me know. Whilst I enjoy surprises sometimes with a little time to consider the best way to photograph newborn safely with props I can create a better result for your extra special memories. A phone sent from your phone the day before is a great idea that way I will have a plan of action ready to go.

Book your newborn photography North Brisbane now

To secure your newborn photography session with Bee Cherished Photography a deposit is required at the time of booking. Interested in availability and full pricing contact Tracy on 0412996891 or email

North Brisbane Newborn photographer | Bee Cherished Photography
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Mini Milestone Sessions Brisbane Northside

Mini Milestone Sessions | Tiny Titch Tuesday’s

30 minutes of photography fun especially for tiny people Brisbane Northside

5 month old baby5 month old baby5 month old babyMini milestone sessions on Brisbane’s Northside with Bee Cherished photography

Introducing Tiny Titch Tuesday’s especially for tiny people 6 months and older. Book your 30 minutes of photography fun to capture those precious milestones of your baby growing up. At 6 months your baby is full of personality and giggles. Your tiny titch Tuesday session is short and sweet and lots of fun. At this age it’s all about capturing those adoring eyes and gorgeous smiles. Learning to sit, grabbing toes in a safe and relaxing environment.

How to book a mini milestone photography session?

I adore this age it’s so much fun and babies are changing so quickly and learning so much everyday. I understand this age group isn’t going to sit around waiting patiently for photos so these sessions are super fun and interactive. Not all babies are super smiley like this handsome young man, however some of my very favourite photos are the serious emotive little faces. Don’t wait until next month to capture all the milestones and enjoy the memories. Book your photography session early for availability. The best age is between 6 to 7 months of age.

Contact Tracy on 0412996891 or send an email to  

A deposit is required at the time of booking

Five tips to plan your mini milestone session
  • Book the best time of the day when your baby is happy and ready to play
  • A well rested little one with a full tummy will help your baby feel contented prior to your session
  • Bring a favourite toy
  • Limit the changes of clothes .. these are fast and fun sessions
  • Relax and enjoy the moment .. don’t worry if your baby isn’t responding initially I’m happy to get very silly for a genuine smile

Thanks for considering Bee Cherished Photography for your baby or toddler photos, I look forward to chatting with you.

Brisbane Northside Baby Photographer | Brisbane Northside Family Photographer | Brisbane Northside children photography


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