Happy Father’s Day from Bee Cherished Photography

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Happy Father’s Day

Wishing all the Dad’s a very Happy Father’s Day this Sunday! I hope your day is filled with laughter and happy memories and lots of cuddles.

We have a family tradition in our house, it started when our children were very small and continues for every special occasion every year. On Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and every birthday we start our day eating chocolate in bed. Yes! How wonderful! It started many years ago when we all fitted on our bed comfortably with lots of room. We would open presents and eat chocolate as a family! I LOVE it and can’t imagine starting the day on any special occasion any other way. Fast forward to an empty nesters house and I’m so fortunate my children will still make an effort when possible to continue the tradition. These days with my daughter married we have tried to fit 5 grown up people in our bed to enjoy chocolates. Hhmm … funny! We now have a blanket box and a chair which allows us all to be a little more comfortable. My son is now living in the Northern Territory and is not able to always make it home for every birthday. I’m so excited this Father’s Day we will all be together. Yay I am super excited and can’t wait to see what chocolates we start the day with. You may believe it’s Mother’s Day reading this I can hardly wait and I am madly counting down the sleeps until we are all together.

Special memories and traditions

Now if you’re reading this and thinking how lovely I would encourage you all to be naughty and start your own special memories and traditions. Memories and fun don’t have to cost a lot of money they are the moments we treasure. As a family we didn’t buy chocolate or many sweet things I was always keen to feed my family as healthy as I could. I think this is one of the reasons birthdays became so special. It was a real treat to have chocolates in the house and especially naughty to eat them first thing in the morning before breakfast. I personally think chocolate tastes delicious early in the morning with a cup of tea. If you haven’t tried it maybe you should buy a box of chocolates this Father’s Day. You may even decide to take it one step further and eat them on the bed! Forget the bacon and eggs for Dad that can be after the coffee and chocolate.

Chocolate lovers

I love my family tradition and I love my children continuing our chocolate tradition as adults. Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s this Sunday! I hope you have an amazing day enjoying good company and fingers crossed you also eating naughty food after all it is a special occasion. What better reason to eat chocolates and special treats.

Happy Father’s Day from Bee Cherished

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