Boudoir maternity photography

What exactly is boudoir maternity photography? Why is it popular? Maternity photography fashion is changing. Maternity clothing trends change frequently. What’s popular in pregnancy photographs? 2019 welcomes timeless elegance in pregnancy photos. The focus is all about your beautiful pregnant shape. Let’s focus on the love you have for your unborn child. Boudoir maternity photography is simple and sophisticated. Enjoy beautiful emotive portraits you can’t stop looking at. Delicate soft lighting and pretty fabrics strategically placed.

boudoir maternity photography

Timeless elegant maternity photography Brisbane Studio

Hi I’m Tracy and I’m a boudoir maternity photographer on Brisbane’s Northside. “I wish I’d had maternity photos” Are words I hear too frequently. Boudoir maternity photography is fun. I promise, any nerves will fade quickly. People say I make them feel comfortable for a reason. I’m a female and I understand insecurities. I’ll take great care to give you the best photos of your pregnancy. The motherhood journey is one you’ll remember forever. I am a professional, I listen carefully to your concerns and together we plan your dream photos.

artistic boudoir maternity photography brisbane

When is the best time to have boudoir maternity portraits

This is entirely up to you. I recommend anytime before 36 weeks. Each and every pregnancy is different. Anytime from 30 to 36 weeks or when your belly is beautiful and round. The reason I suggest earlier rather than later is your little bundle may arrive early. Towards the end especially in summer some women may have excess fluid and I want you to feel very comfortable.

Brisbane boudoir maternity photography

5 tips for boudoir maternity photography

  1. Pamper yourself with professional makeup and hair styling you’ll feel fabulous
  2. Maternity photos often show case your hands so check for chipped nail polish
  3. You don’t need a spray tan! If you like a bit of colour make sure your spray tan is a good one. Elbows, wrists, knees and ankles don’t look great with a bad spray tan.
  4. Wear loose and comfy fitting clothes to the studio to prevent any marks on your skin
  5. Lastly and most importantly relax take time to choose the right photographer. You need to feel comfortable and trust your photographer to gently guide you to create beautiful feminine flattering portraits.
fine art nude maternity photo with soft lighting and flowers on the tummy

Would you like more information? Phone me .. Tracy for a chat on 0412 996 891 or visit our information section

Thanks for considering Bee Cherished Photography for your boudoir maternity photography. Our beautiful and private studio is located on Brisbane’s Northside. Bookings for weekends need to organised well in advance for availability.

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