Fine art nude maternity photography

nude maternity photo

Looking for fine art nude maternity photography? Searching for timeless pregnancy photos that celebrate your beautiful baby bump? Fine art maternity photography is ideal for women wanting to celebrate their pregnancy with sophisticated elegant photos. Bee Cherished Photography specialise in intimate pregnancy portraits.

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5 reasons to get naked

  1. The focus is all about your beautiful pregnant belly and not your clothing.
  2. Completely timeless memories
  3. Studio lighting is very flattering if used skillfully
  4. Private setting, comfortable temperature and highly professional service
  5. Complete guidance and gentle direction with an experienced photographer
nude pregnancy photos

Ultimate Maternity photography

Welcome to Bee Cherished Photography Studio. Hello I’m Tracy and I specialise in elegant, timeless, nude maternity photography. I promise to make you feel relaxed and comfortable with gentle direction and guidance. Every woman is beautiful and I want to help you celebrate your precious pregnancy shape with studio portraiture.

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Why I chose to specialise in studio maternity photography?

I fell in love with lighting in 2009 with the purchase of my first set of studio strobes. Little did I know it would take me years to master the art of beautiful lighting. I became addicted to learning skills to flatter peoples different body shapes and sizes. Using lighting to shape, shadow and highlight all the right places takes practice. And lots of it. I practiced on everyone and anything. I enjoyed the rewards of having full control over highlights and shadows. No longer did I have to re schedule shoots in the event of bad weather. The feedback and tears of joy overwhelmingly filled my heart. To instill confidence to women who may be filled with self doubt is empowering. I feel excited creating memories. The best job in the world for me is being a studio photographer for women and their most precious memories.

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How to choose a maternity photographer

Search for a photographer with photos you love

  • Do you love the style, colour tones and poses?
  • Will you feel comfortable having your portraits taken by them?
  • Check out testimonials

Would you book a wedding photographer to photograph your race horse or touring car? Photographing sports or weddings requires an entirely different skill set. Whilst I admire other specialised photography I know I don’t have the personality to control and direct a wedding party or a journalist style to capture the emotion of your wedding day. Find a photographer with a style you can’t stop looking at. Outdoor maternity sessions are gorgeous and lots of fun. The emotion and energy is exceedingly different to intimate nude maternity photographs. And the skill set and experience is very distinctive.

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