How to take newborn photos at home using parents hands

Learn to take newborn photos at home using parents hands as props. Mum or Dad hands are the perfect prop to use. Your baby loves to be held and is comforted by touch. One thing I can promise you, is your baby will change everyday. Those tiny little hands and feet are so precious. Chances are your baby will sleep soundly whilst being cuddled in your arms. So let’s use your hands as props.

take newborn photos yourself

Newborn photography props

Newborn photography props don’t need to be expensive! In fact the best props are your very own hands. Take newborn photos at home with Dad or Mum’s hands. Your hands are the perfect reference to how tiny your baby is today. Using yourself as a prop will make these memories so sentimental.

newborn photos at home

Things to think about before you take newborn photos at home

  • Look for lots of natural light. This could be soft window light or a shady spot outdoors
  • Plan to take the photos when your baby is relaxed, feed and comfortable
  • Avoid messy backgrounds, fill the photo with your subject and minimal distractions
  • Try for close up photos to capture the detail
  • Remember different angles will produce totally different looks
  • My favourite tip is always Keep it simple – less is best
baby hand photos

Baby hand photos taken at home

Size comparison is important. You may never know how valuable of a photo until years later. Somethings will always give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Baby hands are right up there with the best baby photo ideas.

baby feet and parents hands photo

Baby Feet photos with parents hands

Some photos will instantly evoke emotion. Look at the photo above it has many interpretations. It keeps the viewers eyes and thoughts for a second glance. The subject matter fills the frame. It’s very simple. No distracting colours. Both parents hands have been included. This photo is ideal for parents who may not want photos taken of themselves.

baby feet with parent heart hands

Ideas to take newborn photos at home

Making a heart with both parents hands holding newborn feet is my favourite idea. Like the photo above it ticks all the boxes for photos to love and cherish. Try using Mum’s hands or Dad’s hands to add variety to your photos. Careful positioning is key to avoid any background elements you want to disappear. Darker colours will assist by creating shadows in all the right places.

Products available online to print your newborn photos

One of my favourite products to display newborn photos is a free standing acrylic tile. Lumi Tiles are modern and have high visual impact. With pricing starting from just $20.46 they can be conveniently displayed in your home office or bedside table. Perfect to post as well for gifts

Looking for the perfect keepsake box? These beautiful timber boxes will house your photos and newborn keepsakes with a personalised photo on the lid. Check out the photographer’s Tool box for gift ideas

wooden keepsake box

take newborn photos at home

If you’d like more tips on how to take newborn photos at home read my recent blog post Learn how to take photos like a pro

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