Styled maternity photography Brisbane

Styled maternity photography Brisbane
Styled maternity photography Brisbane

I love styled maternity photography! Add a boho vibe, stunning hair, makeup and a beautiful pregnant Mummy and it all adds up to perfection! Located on Brisbane’s Northside Bee Cherished Photography now offer a very special experience for pregnant Mum’s. Totally unique and created personally with colours, fabrics and flowers you love.

Life reveals her beauty one precious miracle at a time ..

Tracy was professional, particular and exact. I’ve never seen such amazingly great quality photographs, or had more fun in the making of these photos. thank you so much Tracy. “

Kind words from Shannan

Magnolia flowers for a beautiful pregnant Mummy

magnolia maternity outfit for photoshoot
wearable maternity art

Did you know Magnolias symbolise dignity and nobility. In ancient China, magnolias were thought to be the perfect symbols of womanly beauty and gentleness. White represents the moon, and lunar goddess’s. A magnolia often symbolizes Yin, or the feminine side of life. Interested in more information about the beautiful magnolia visit here

Why styled maternity photography?

I’m not entirely sure why I constantly think of different ways to create beautiful unique pregnancy photos. I only know it’s something deep within me. It’s a privilege to be trusted with. I see so much beauty in maternity photos. I want every woman to have at least one portrait to love she can’t stop looking at. It makes me so happy when I hear such emotive and genuine feed back.

stunning styled maternity photography Brisbane
Beautiful soft lighting | maternity photography

Wearable flower art for maternity photography

If you’ve ever wondered how my funny little brain works. I will share a snippet into a day a couple of weeks ago. I’m a tiny bit different due to the way I see pretty things in unusual places. I love weeds and messy long grass. If you know me you may drive past pretty grass and say to yourself. I must tell Tracy! Textures, colours and soft light surround us everyday we just need to learn to see them.

elegant styled maternity photography Brisbane
Elegant emotive maternity photography

Pampas grass, magnolias and hessian | Maternity styling

It all started with pampas grass. I love the colour tones of pampas grass! I just happened to walk past a pretty bunch in Kmart. Fast forward an hour, I’m at home sitting on the floor with it. As usual I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. Only I knew it would photograph beautifully with my new backdrop. The colours were stunning together. Add one of my favourite flowers, the magnolia and I attached it all to some hessian and florist wire. I’m only just discovering florist wire now! It’s amazing!

studio styled maternity photography brisbane Northside
Brisbane styled maternity photography

I totally love creating maternity wearable art

If you love these photos and would like to book. I’d love to hear from you. You are welcome to phone for chat on 0412 996 891. Alternatively send an enquiry for availability below. It’s never too early to lock in your maternity photography as I’m already taking booking for September. Limited bookings available.

boho styled maternity photography brisbane
boho style maternity photos Brisbane studio

Thank you for considering styled maternity photography. Visit my Maternity session information and pricing to learn more

beautiful styled maternity photography brisbane
Boho vibes, magnolias and pampas grass styling
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