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When is the best time to book baby photography? If you’re having a baby in 2019 you’ll be considering newborn photos. So where is the best place place to start choosing a photographer? Here are a few tips to help you out on your journey finding a newborn photographer.

gorgeous baby girl photography Brisbane Northside photography packages
gorgeous baby girl photography Brisbane Northside photography packages

3 tips to find the best baby photographer for you

  • Find your favourite photography style – Every baby photographer will have a certain look. They may use neutrals and soft pastel colours or take dark moody photos. They may edit a particular way. Maybe they have a particular range of photography props you adore. Whatever it is make sure you love their newborn photo gallery.
  • Check out newborn photography packages – How much will your baby photos cost? What do you get for your money? Will you receive quality archival products? Does your package include digital images? Please don’t choose your newborn photographer solely on price. Newborn photos are precious, these fleeting moments are treasured memories.
  • Will you feel confident handing your baby over to a stranger – Newborn photography is unlike any other photography. You need to feel relaxed to give your newborn baby to be handled gently and carefully photographed safely. Please make sure your photographer is registered, insured and vaccinated. If you’re in doubt read customer reviews and feedback or phone and have a chat. Your newborn photography session should be a wonderful experience leaving you with amazing precious memories
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The best time to book newborn baby photography is during your second trimester

After your 20 week scan is a great time to find a baby photographer. These days newborn and baby photography is one of the fastest growing genre’s in photography. To ensure availability for the photographer of your choice it’s best to book early.

newborn baby photographer Brisbane Northside photography studio in Caboolture

3 things you may not know about baby photography?

  • The best time to photograph a newborn baby is during the first 2 weeks ideally between 5 to 10 days old
  • Baby photography may take 2 to 4 hours, however most people are usually here around 2 and 1/2 hours. This is ample time to take photos and to feed and comfort your baby
  • Most newborn photographers will have the room toasty warm for the comfort of your newborn baby. So wear something cool and comfortable.

Interested in booking newborn photography? Click here to learn more about newborn photography sessions

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What to wear for your newborn photography session

  • Something plain or with a very small pattern .. we want the focus to be all about the connection with your newborn and you, not what you’re wearing. Avoid large distracting patterns and bright colours
  • Many parents choose to wear solid black .. most people have something black in their wardrobe or find it very easy to purchase and it’s a colour that is flattering for most complexions
  • In my studio you only need to worry about your top half as your photos will be elbows up and don’t include your bottom half
  • Why not mix it up with soft muted tones .. just keep it to 3 different colour hues if you have siblings attending
  • For families I suggest similar colour hues but try and include small patterns or stripes for boys and maybe a small floral for girls .. a great example would be .. Mum in navy and white floral .. Dad in a plain navy and toddler in a navy and white stripe or small pattern.
  • Search for inspiration on Pinterest it is amazing
  • If in doubt bring a couple of options into the studio and we can decide here
  • lastly you may wish to bring a backup shirt if you’re having newborn baby photos without a nappy
baby family photography Brisbane Northside
baby family photography Brisbane Northside

family baby photography Brisbane studio
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