Why pregnancy photography is so important

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5 reasons to book pregnancy photography

Do you love the idea of pregnancy photography but secretly think it’s a guilty pleasure? You couldn’t be more wrong! The most common regret for many women is not having maternity photos. Yes! it’s true and sadly one statement I hear far too frequently. I have 5 great reasons why you should book a maternity photography session.

Your body will go through many changes as pregnancy has it’s way with you. But the biggest change will be your slow and beautiful transformation from being a woman to being a Mother. Congratulations!

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Pregnancy for each of us is very different

You spend 9 months preparing to fall in love for a lifetime. During your pregnancy you will discover the joys of carrying a baby and enjoy the feeling of your babies movements as they grow. You might know when they have hiccups and you can feel their active times.  These are such precious and fleeting memories that stay with you always. I know for some mothers you may also endure some not so wonderful symptoms of pregnancy. However most of us will treasure our scan photos. Many mothers will keep a diary of the first time they hear a heart beat. The first time your partner can feel a kick. Your weight gain and favourite food cravings will probably become part of your stories to share with family and friends. How momentous is pregnancy?

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A generation without photos of pregnancy

As a mother of two I am one of those mum’s who have a diary and scan photos. I am also a mother who wishes I had pregnancy photography to share with my children. When I had my babies maternity photography wasn’t really a thing. Unlike wedding photography not many from my generation have pregnancy photos. These days maternity photos and definitely newborn photos are something most people are making a priority. I adore maternity portraiture and I would love to take photos of your pregnant belly. If you’re a little unsure why you need to have pregnancy photos here’s why.

  1.  Number one reason is for yourself to cherish the memories. Have photos of yourself during your pregnancy to treasure. Creating a life is one of the most amazing things you will ever do. You’ll have wedding photos and you should absolutely have maternity photos as part of a chapter in the story of life.
  2. Feel amazing! Why not take the time out for yourself. Enjoy being pampered, hair styling, makeup and a portrait session will leave you feeling empowered and so beautiful from within.
  3. Great excuse to have family photos. If you already have a child it’s a wonderful time to capture your little family before the new addition arrives and three become four or maybe more.
  4. Surprise your partner! Yes this idea is growing in popularity with some mother’s secretly booking a boudoir maternity session to surprise their loved ones. So much fun!
  5. What about sharing your photos with your children as they become parents. This is one of my favourite reasons, your children will feel so loved and excited to see themselves in your belly and see how very special those memories were to you all.

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Book your pregnancy photography with Bee Cherished Photography on Brisbane’s Northside

Thank you for considering Bee Cherished for your maternity photography. Please visit Maternity photography session information to find out more or phone me on 0412 996 891 for a chat

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