Do you love the colour RED?

Is your favourite colour red? Red is the colour of love and adventure! What a great colour to use for your maternity portraits. Red is an emotional colour, it’s intense and draws attention. It can indicate strength and courage or passion and joy. Used creatively it is stunning and intriguing. If you love the thought of making a statement or looking for a dramatic style this is the colour for you.

boudoir creamy lace maternity photo

The lady in Red

Songs have been written portraying the colour red as sexy and romantic. Who doesn’t love the song by Chris DeBurgh. “The lady in red” It’s perfect!

Many quotes contain the colour red “When in doubt wear red” by Bill Blass

Audrey Hepburn famously quoted “There is a shade of red for every woman”

Whether you choose to wear the colour red for your maternity photos, or use it as a backdrop. One thing is certain, it’s evocative and memorable for all the right reasons.

a touch of red maternity photo

Maternity photos with a red backdrop

This is one of my favourite backdrops to use for maternity portraits. I don’t use it often and it’s not for everyone. Used well it is simply stunning. Best used for a few hero photos, it is undeniably a head turner! Moody lighting and a red back drop are truly best friends. Whether you’re a blonde, brunette, red haired or very dark this is a gorgeous backdrop to use.

red back drop for maternity photo

A touch of Red

A favourite subject matter for all creative photographers. There is nothing quite like a beautiful photo with a touch of red! Red nail polish, lipstick or a single red rose creates romance. Often less is best and the use of red in an image can be very subtle and effective.

artistic maternity photo using a red back drop and red flower in hair

Visit instagram to see other maternity ideas

If you’re interested in exploring the idea of using the colour red for your maternity photos give me a ring. I’d love to hear your ideas and create something unique and special to you.

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Baby soothing tips for newborn photography

Baby soothing tips every parent should know before their newborn photography session. Are you feeling nervous your baby will cry during your newborn photos? Taking your newborn out for the first time can be nerve racking! As a first time parent there is so much to learn. Looking after a tiny baby is a daunting task. Will you be successful breast feeding? What if my baby won’t stop crying? These are all common questions, feeling anxious is normal. The good news is I have your back. Relax you have nothing to worry about I know many baby soothing tricks.

newborn sleeping soundly

The truth about newborn photography

Becoming a new parent is one of the most amazing milestones in your life. Feel confident knowing when you visit the studio I will know how to soothe your baby. In fact unless your feeding your baby, I will have your baby in my arms. It’s my job to cuddle, relax and photograph your newborn baby. Feeling relieved? I have no expectations of you other than to make sure your baby is well feed. Having a milk drunk baby is the ultimate goal. However some things you might want to consider before your session are

  • Drink plenty of water if you’re breast feeding
  • Breast feeding Mother’s should avoid spicy foods and caffeine
  • Take time to self-care (try to be well rested and have a healthy breakfast) Babies will sense if you’re feeling anxious
  • Lastly and most importantly be kind to yourself. Remember as a new parent I have no expectations of you and neither should you.
how to calm a crying baby

How to calm a crying baby

My favourite tips for soothing a crying baby.

Assuming your baby has a full tummy and a dry nappy

  • Noise – babies love noise and are quite used to hearing different sounds in the womb. Back ground music, singing lullabies, humming or playing soothing sounds.
  • Swaddle your baby – try wrapping your baby comfortably so they feel secure. Using soft fabrics
  • Cuddle your baby in a slightly upright position
  • Gentle rock or sway with your baby in your arms
  • Try using a pacifier/dummy

Other Options if you’re baby isn’t too distressed

You could try a soothing bath or a calming massage

baby soothing
comfortable and cosy newborn baby boy

Baby soothing techniques will be varied

Just like us babies have their own unique personalities and some will respond quickly and others may take a little longer. Parenting isn’t always easy. It’s about taking it day by day. Reach out to other parents for company, support and advice. You are not alone. Remember it’s okay to feel tired and overwhelmed or tearful. This is a great link for postnatal care

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Maternity dresses for photo shoots available in all sizes

Why spend a fortune on maternity dresses for a photo shoot? Would you love to look amazing for your maternity photos without wasting money on something you’ll only wear once? Becoming pregnant is one of the most amazing milestones in your life. Celebrate your journey to motherhood with beautiful photography. Looking for something very special to wear you’ll love? Worried what will fit? Wondering what looks good in photos? I have maternity dresses available in all sizes to suit any shape.

ivory vintage maternity dress
tea stained sheer vintage maternity dress

Dreamy Maternity dresses you’ll love

Bee Cherished Photography have the perfect look available in studio. Save yourself time, money and the stress of looking for maternity outfits for your photos. I have unique custom pieces that look stunning in photos. Whether you’re looking for full length, sheer lace or short and stylish. I have the style to suit. Having a love for pregnancy bellies has driven me to find the perfect dresses.

soft flowing grey tulle maternity dress
classy grey tulle maternity dress

Advice on what to wear for your maternity photography

Your maternity photos should be a reflection of who you are and personality type. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with stepping out of your comfort zone to create your dream photos. You should feel comfortable and relaxed. Wearing your favourite colour tones is a great place to start. Add a touch of texture for interest. This could be pretty lace, flowers, fur or bling accessories. Are you wanting casual photos or after more formality? How comfortable are you showing skin? Are you conservative? Maybe you’re a romantic at heart and adore soft flowing fabrics. These are all great questions to consider.

sophisticated elegant vintage maternity dress
whimsical romantic maternity dress
soft muted pastel tulle maternity dress

Tips what not to wear for your maternity photos

When you look back on your maternity photos I want you to be proud. Photographs are memories that become more valuable with time. Your children will love to hear stories about your pregnancy and what you looked like. How did you feel? I have a favourite saying ” less is best” or “when in doubt leave it out” Timeless images are simplistic. The focus is all about you, not your clothing. For this reason I recommend

  • avoid logos and text on clothing
  • forget those bright loud colours and busy patterns
  • remember to remove your sunglasses, phones or other items from pockets and hair ties
  • Wrinkled clothes (it’s so worth spending 5 minutes to run an iron over your outfit)
  • mismatched outfits (this could be colour tones or casual verses formal)
  • bad socks or dirty feet (yes it’s a thing)
  • chipped nail polish
  • bad fake tans (you know those yellowy elbows and hands cannot be fixed)
sexy black sheer long gown
red sexy sheer dressing gown

Suggestions for men to wear for pregnancy photos

It’s important to remember the men during your maternity photography. I want them to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. These memories are important to them as well. Often it’s the men who will be feeling on the outer and perhaps not as keen to be in front of a camera. I have maternity dresses available in different colours. If you love a particular outfit then choose a similar colour tone top for your partner to bring along.

  • Plain or solid tops or small patterns are great for button up shirts
  • You can’t go wrong with neutrals ( cream, grey, beige or khaki tones)
  • Long sleeve buttoned up shirts will suit a formal look
  • t-shirts and singlets will offer a more casual feel
  • Ideally a one light top and 2nd darker choice will give you more options to suit any backdrop
  • Please bring long pants rather than shorts if possible (jeans, chinos or dress pants)
pastel pink maternity gown
pink pregnancy dress for photos

Should I wear shoes?

Negotiating heels during pregnancy can be a challenge for some women. Most women I photograph have bare feet. You are very welcome to bring along shoes but it’s not necessary. If you are bare footed in your photos then your partner should be too. We want you to both wear shoes or no shoes. Your pregnancy photos should make sense and be comfortable for you to move around and pose comfortably and naturally.

white lace full length pregnancy gown

How to choose the right outfit for my toddler to wear to maternity photography

This should be the easiest part of planning what to dress your family in. You’ll find so many affordable options available. Remember to keep things simple. Keep to similar colour tones for the entire family. Make sure the clothes you choose are comfortable and cover nappies if needed.

For little girls – tulle dresses look great with back lighting. Lace or fur for texture. Adding a flower for the hair can be cute

For little boys – jeans or cute chinos matched with soft muted tones, throw in a hat or suspenders for character.

family maternity photography

Lace maternity dresses or looks available

My most requested look is white lace maternity dresses. Definitely very popular. This is also my favourite style. Simple, elegant and so timeless. Suits any pregnancy shape. Teamed with soft beautiful back lighting it is the most flattering to any skin type. And I have so many options available. Fully covered white lace maternity dresses or custom made lace options. Add a touch of bling and you have classy. Bring in beautiful flowers and romance is present. Used for implied nudes and your photos will be sexy. What ever your personality white lace offers variety. Fresh crisp whites team up with so many colours for your family or partner to wear. Blends with any colour backdrop and so versatile for different lighting.

vintage cream lace maternity dress
cream crochet dress

What colour tones look great for maternity photos

Did you know the use of colour in photos can completely change the emotion? Colour is one of the most important factors and often not even a consideration. Colour tones create mood and emotion, warmth and coldness. Colours can draw attention to certain areas of a photo. Used well colour will hold a viewers attention. It is so important when creating drama. Whatever colour you love keep in mind colour harmony.

warm autumn tones for maternity dresses

Things you must know about maternity dress colours

  • Dark clothing tends to make the body look more slender
  • Lighter colours and lighting uses well can also slim
  • Autumn tones represent warmth
  • Cooler colours are blues and greens
  • Red is the colour of passion
  • Pinks are often used for romantic and feminine
  • Whites portray purity, spirituality and goodness
  • Blue is associated with confidence, trust and wisdom
  • Grey is timeless, sophisticated and formal
rainbow maternity gown

The best fabrics for maternity dresses

As a photographer I look at fabrics differently. Textures can turn ordinary into extraordinary. When I choose fabrics to purchase for the studio I consider several things. Colour is not the only important factor for a great maternity dress. Weight is so important, fabrics should flatter your body and not add bulk. It needs to be comfortable and light so you can move freely. Sheer fabrics are stunning for back lighting. Natural fabric textures not only photograph well, they edit beautifully. Soft and silky drape romantically. Lace creates romance, sexiness or innocence. It is hands down my favourite. Shimmery fabrics add glamour and sophistication. Tea dyed cottons will add a touch of vintage.

while lacey pregnancy outfit
boho dreamy maternity dress

When it comes to choosing the best maternity dresses the options are endless. Why not leave it to your photographer to help you decide what’s the right choice for you. I know maternity photography styling, lighting and colours so well. Trust me to create a maternity look you’ll love.

Studio maternity photography gallery

Thank you for considering Bee Cherished Photography for your dream pregnancy photos

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Cuddly newborn photos Brisbane studio

Just look at these cuddly newborn photos of little Mackenzie! Aww she made my heart melt. With the cutest little button nose and those adorable baby lips. I have a new appreciation how fortunate I am to be a newborn photographer. I missed having tiny babies in the studio.

cuddly newborn photos

My favourite newborn photos are simple and pure

Forget the frills and fuss simplicity wins every time. I love cuddly newborn photos! Soft muted neutral tones, cute poses and delicate lighting. Let’s make the focus all about your precious newborn baby. Babies are perfect they don’t need bright colours and busy props.

the cutest sleeping newborn baby photo

Yes I photograph babies at any age!

If you’ve missed out on newborn curly photos due to covid 19 restrictions don’t worry I love to photograph babies at any age. Older babies have a little more personality. They might be smiling and making cute chatty noises. Lets embrace your older baby and their milestones. Phone for a chat, I want to hear all about your child and what endearing personality traits they have. Dreamy baby photos are any age.

newborn photos brisbane studio

Cuddles, Kisses, Snuggles,

and Love

that is what baby girls are made of ..

adorable newborn photography

Interesting population facts from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Did you know in Australia we have one birth every 1 minute and 44 seconds? And in 2018 the average age of Mothers was 31 and fathers 33. I wonder how things will change this year. Have you changed your plans? So many families will be holidaying in Queensland this year. Maybe even planning a baby for 2021? However your plans have changed I hope you’re excited and happy and healthy. If you have baby plans I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Interested in availability? My phone number is 0412 996 891 or

Check out more cuddly newborn photos for inspiration

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Newborn photography and Covid 19

FAQ’s answered for newborn photography and covid 19 restrictions

How lucky are we living in Australia! Are you a new parent or about to become one? You might be feeling anxious about the prospect of having newborn photos. Should you and is it safe? Firstly I want you to know I understand your concerns and you are definitely not alone. The health, safety and comfort of your newborn is my priority! We are living in very different times at the moment and surrounded by uncertainty. Many restrictions for covid 19 can be confusing and you might be doubting the decision to book newborn photography.

simple and timeless newborn photos

In the interest of health and safety

I Always

  • Clean the studio between every session
  • Wash my hands and frequently use hand sanitiser during your session
  • All props and fabrics are washed or sanitised after each use
  • Reschedule if I am feeling unwell
  • Ask you to notify me if you or a family member is sick to re book your session with as much notice as possible
cutest squishy newborn photo

To be on the safe side I’ve introduced the following

  • I will now be wearing a mask while photographing your baby
  • Limiting the number of people visiting the studio, only immediate family members to attend newborn photography
  • All hair and makeup artist are fully vaccinated
  • Siblings are welcome please ring to discuss options
  • Only one session per 24 hours
  • Please remove your shoes before entry
  • Hand sanitiser is available near the front entrance and in the studio
  • Wipes and Glen 20 are also available in the studio for phones or personal items
  • Essential items only welcome in the studio
newborn photography studio open

I’ve really missed having baby cuddles and I’m very excited to welcome you into the studio. Thank you for your understanding and co operation to ensure the safety of my family and your family. The very best information and guidance can be found by clicking on this link for QLD Heath You are most welcome to phone me any time to have a chat on 0412 996 891

the best baby feet photos

I’m currently experiencing a huge increase in enquiries. Now taking bookings for July and August contact Tracy

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Boudoir Maternity photographer Brisbane

Why I chose to become a boudoir maternity photographer? I fell in love with lighting with the purchase of my first studio lights. To me it’s the cream of the crop! Top of the line, learn to master the art of lighting and posing a nude woman and you’re winning. It’s the ultimate challenge in photography. Nude maternity is an art. Timeless emotive boudoir takes many different skills. Trusting a stranger to capture beautiful nude pregnancy portraits is huge. I love a challenge and I adore the creativity of lighting. Boudoir maternity photography is the ultimate timeless memory I’d love to create for you.

boudoir maternity photographer

Trust me I’ve got this!

Why trust me? I know it’s not easy having photos. Did you know it’s my job to make you feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. I’m an experienced female photographer who is very caring and compassionate regarding any insecurities you may have. I promise you’ll enjoy visiting the studio and have fun. The time will disappear between arriving at the studio, having photos and leaving. I’ll be with you every step of the way. Gentle direction, beautiful lighting, careful angles and just a touch of editing. All essential elements for perfect maternity portraits and choosing an experienced boudoir maternity photographer.

boudoir maternity photography

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

Herman Cain

What you need to bring to your boudoir maternity photography session

Emma from MDbrides ultimate timeless pregnancy photos are simple stunning classic nudes. Elegant lighting and beautiful shadows create emotion. Bring along your favourite lingerie and pretty bling to add a touch of glamour. Bee Cherished has several lace and sheer gowns and lots of fabrics to enhance your look. Hair and Makeup is available in the studio and highly recommended. Photography makeup is a specialised skill. A natural look it will elevate your look and most importantly your confidence. Check out Emma @MDbrides

MDbrides Emma Dobson

Thanks for considering me to be your boudoir maternity photographer. I have a private home studio on Brisbane’s Northside and I’d love to hear from you. Visit Bee Cherished Photography maternity gallery

pregnant belly photos
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I’m open for Maternity photography!

stunning nude maternity photography

Yes I’m open for Maternity photography!

open for maternity photography

I’m so excited to be back in the studio taking Maternity photos again. Having time out has allowed me to dream up fresh new creative ideas. Behind the scenes I’m designing a few new outfits and accessories. Which will be available shortly for me to share. All in my favourite colours, dusty pink, creams and chocolate.

The best news about Maternity photography

stunning white lace maternity photography gown

The best news is not a lot has changed regarding being open for maternity photography. You can now book hair and makeup styling for your pregnancy photos. Partners are very welcome to join in. I am asking if you have children to be photographed they only stay in the studio for the duration of the family photos. Family photos will be taken towards the end or at the start of a shoot. I want you to love your photos and I’m happy to work around family organisation with children. If you have any questions please phone for a chat and together we can plan the best timing.

artistic fine art maternity photography

Availability for Maternity

Are you deciding to book maternity photos? please contact me. I’ve had an increase in inquires for pregnancy portraits. The best time to have photos of your pregnancy is between 32 to 34 weeks for most women. This means you’ll need to plan ahead for your photography session. After your 20 week scan is a great time to start locking in dates. Bee Cherished is currently taking bookings for August and September already.

silhouette maternity photography

Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away

I loved taking these photos! This was my first session back in the studio, I had so much fun! It’s so exciting to be open for maternity photography. It fills my heart creating memories

my most requested maternity photography

Thanks for stopping by and checking out Bee Cherished Photography. I’m enjoying being open for maternity photography. Interested in having photos? Phone anytime on 0412 996 891 or send an email for availability. Take a look at my gallery for maternity inspiration

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Restrictions set to ease! Add your name to my waiting list?

I’m so excited to hear the news covid 19 restrictions are easing as early as next week! I already have a priority waiting list. I’m itching to re open and will be starting to contact everyone to reschedule and start booking. Today I’ve been on the phone researching information regarding my business and how these new relaxed restrictions will affect Bee Cherished Photography. Although I don’t have all the answers yet I am confident I will be allowed to re open very soon.

restrictions set to ease for photography

Priority list for maternity and newborn photography

It’s been a bit tough closing the studio and knowing so many women and families have missed out on Maternity and Newborn photos. I’ve felt an overwhelming sadness and I’m so pleased I will be able to start taking photos again. I’m expecting things to look slightly different. I will have to keep the social distancing rules and follow strict guidelines. I already have a waiting list for photography so please let me know if you’d like your name added. As soon as I have a green light to open I will be contacting everyone one on my list to book you in.

baby family photography

Changes for newborn photography sessions with restrictions set to ease next week

I’ve missed my cuddles with newborns and I don’t think this will change for a little while. I will be introducing lifestyle newborn photography into the studio during these uncertain times. Your newborn photos will still be gorgeous and precious memories. However I won’t be photographing your newborn in naked curly newborn posed positions. Your session will be focused on you cuddling your newborn and the love of a new parent. I have some really emotive ideas for newborn lifestyle photography I know you’ll love.

maternity photography

Maternity photography during restrictions

Maternity photography won’t change too much as it’s much easier for me to maintain the social distancing required. Until further restrictions are lifted hair and makeup will not be available. I will be adding a few tips and tricks for you ladies how to prepare. I’m currently waiting to be contacted by Queensland government to answer questions surrounding maternity and newborn sessions. I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed putting on my creative hat and taking photos.

With restrictions set to ease please add your name to my waiting list

I have a waiting list for maternity and newborn photography. For a limited time I am happy to take your name to add to my priority list without a deposit. Once further details are released on restrictions easing I will be contacting anyone on the list to book appointments and take deposits. All recommended safety and guidelines will be adhered to without any exceptions. Information may change daily and you will be notified prior to your session. For the latest and most up to date information click here

Thank you for supporting Bee Cherished Photography during these difficult times it hasn’t gone unnoticed and I’m so very touched

Thank you for all the phone calls, messages, emails and photos everyone has sent. You’ve reduced me to laughter when needed and brought tears of happiness, joy and filled my heart. I’m pleasantly surprised how thoughtful so many families are. During hard times we all gain a new perspective. Reflection has reminded me how fortunate I am. And how much I love my job! I can’t wait to re open my studio doors!

With restrictions set to ease let me know if you’d like to be contacted when I re open! For a limited time only – No deposit required until I have dates available. visit my information page for pricing and packages

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How to take newborn photos at home using parents hands

Learn to take newborn photos at home using parents hands as props. Mum or Dad hands are the perfect prop to use. Your baby loves to be held and is comforted by touch. One thing I can promise you, is your baby will change everyday. Those tiny little hands and feet are so precious. Chances are your baby will sleep soundly whilst being cuddled in your arms. So let’s use your hands as props.

take newborn photos yourself

Newborn photography props

Newborn photography props don’t need to be expensive! In fact the best props are your very own hands. Take newborn photos at home with Dad or Mum’s hands. Your hands are the perfect reference to how tiny your baby is today. Using yourself as a prop will make these memories so sentimental.

newborn photos at home

Things to think about before you take newborn photos at home

  • Look for lots of natural light. This could be soft window light or a shady spot outdoors
  • Plan to take the photos when your baby is relaxed, feed and comfortable
  • Avoid messy backgrounds, fill the photo with your subject and minimal distractions
  • Try for close up photos to capture the detail
  • Remember different angles will produce totally different looks
  • My favourite tip is always Keep it simple – less is best
baby hand photos

Baby hand photos taken at home

Size comparison is important. You may never know how valuable of a photo until years later. Somethings will always give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Baby hands are right up there with the best baby photo ideas.

baby feet and parents hands photo

Baby Feet photos with parents hands

Some photos will instantly evoke emotion. Look at the photo above it has many interpretations. It keeps the viewers eyes and thoughts for a second glance. The subject matter fills the frame. It’s very simple. No distracting colours. Both parents hands have been included. This photo is ideal for parents who may not want photos taken of themselves.

baby feet with parent heart hands

Ideas to take newborn photos at home

Making a heart with both parents hands holding newborn feet is my favourite idea. Like the photo above it ticks all the boxes for photos to love and cherish. Try using Mum’s hands or Dad’s hands to add variety to your photos. Careful positioning is key to avoid any background elements you want to disappear. Darker colours will assist by creating shadows in all the right places.

Products available online to print your newborn photos

One of my favourite products to display newborn photos is a free standing acrylic tile. Lumi Tiles are modern and have high visual impact. With pricing starting from just $20.46 they can be conveniently displayed in your home office or bedside table. Perfect to post as well for gifts

Looking for the perfect keepsake box? These beautiful timber boxes will house your photos and newborn keepsakes with a personalised photo on the lid. Check out the photographer’s Tool box for gift ideas

wooden keepsake box

take newborn photos at home

If you’d like more tips on how to take newborn photos at home read my recent blog post Learn how to take photos like a pro

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DIY Newborn Photography Learn how to take photos like a professional

Would you love to learn how to DIY newborn photography? I have the best news for you! You can achieve beautiful photos with everyday items. All you need is a little imagination. It’s so easy anyone can do it! I will help you step by step. Please don’t miss out on those newborn memories due to self isolation. Together we can achieve professional looking photos of your precious baby.

DIY newborn photography
DIY newborn photography

Tips and tricks to take the best newborn photos at home

My heart is breaking for all the pregnant Mummies and new parents who are unable to visit photography studios around the world due to Covid 19. There is so much stress and uncertainty in the world. I want to share my favourite newborn photography tips to brighten your day. So where do we start? Let’s make a list of things to think about.

What’s the best camera to use for newborn photography?

Let’s start with the most important thing you need to know. You don’t need an expensive camera to take beautiful photos. The best camera to use is the one you already own or have access to. If you don’t own a camera you probably have a phone. Whether you have a great camera or you are using your phone, this is for everyone. It’s very basic and designed for everyone. I won’t be going into technical details with camera settings in this post. However if you’re interested in more advanced information I’m happy to help. You can phone for a chat on 0412 996 891

newborn photography Brisbane studio
newborn photography Keeping it simple for DIY

When is the best time to take newborn photos?

Newborn photos are best taken when your baby is most contented. For most babies this is likely to be in the morning. After a good sleep and a feed. I recommend bringing in your newborn baby for photos between 7 to 10 days old. Ideally under 2 weeks, however I frequently have older babies in the studio. You have the time so take your time. You have the advantage of being with your baby all day everyday. Keep it simple and tackle one idea a day. You’ve just had a baby, enjoy yourself and have fun! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

How to plan your newborn photography

It’s best to make a plan for your photography session. Think about the sort of photos you’d like to take. What colours are you going to use? Do you have any props? What time of the day? Where is the best light in your home? Make a list of photos you’d like to take! Remember to include all the tiny details. Baby feet are the cutest and easiest photos to create. Find inspiration online for the best angles to use. My final and most important tip is baby safety and the comfort of your baby is not worth risking for any photo.

Look around you, everything you need is right in front of you for DIY newborn photography!

Caboolture newborn photographer
All curled up in a snood or a scarf without ends

The best photography props are everyday items you already own! All you need is a little imagination. Here are a few ideas

  • Plain coloured sheets are perfect to use as a seamless backdrop
  • Scarves make great wraps
  • Bath mats often have texture
  • Throws can be used for backdrops, blankets or as a wrap
  • Bedside table draws could be a cute prop
  • Baskets
  • Include wedding rings will add a sentimental element
  • Teddy bears
  • Dog or cat beds can be hidden under a pretty throw

What colours should you choose for baby photos?

The choice is endless and everyone will have personal preferences. Here are some things to consider when selecting colours for newborn photos. Where will you display your photos? If you have a nursery theme and you’re planning on hanging photos in there, choose a colour that blends. Does your house have lots of neutral tones? As well as your favourite styling trends you need to consider colour tones that complement your babies delicate skin. My suggestion is always use soft muted tones. Whites, creams, soft greys, dusty pinks and beige are perfect.

best newborn photo Brisbane
soft muted tones and a scarf with texture

Keep it simple or less is best

This is the single best advice I can give to you. If in doubt leave it out! The focus should be all about your baby. Using lots of props and bright colours will draw the attention away from your baby. Always choose timeless colours and add texture for interest.

DIY newborn baby hand photos

Baby safety is a priority no photo is ever worth risking your baby’s comfort or health

Our industry has the comfort and safety of your baby always in our minds. Please don’t try to take complicated newborn photos. Frequently these photos are taken with skilled photography editing. Stick to safe poses and natural positions. Before you begin you might like to read some other safety items you will need to consider

baby safety newborn photography props Brisbane Northside studio
newborn safety comes first

What to use for Newborn photography backdrops

  • Sheets are a great place to start! Try use plain soft muted colours and be sure to give them a quick iron or pop them in the dyer to remove any creases. Flannelette sheets are a perfect choice if you don’t like ironing
  • A bean bag is excellent
  • Your bed is ideal if you don’t have a bean bag. You could use pillows on the floor or cover a dog or cat bed with a wrap
  • Towels placed near a window covered with a textured throw is easy for taking photos from above

Making a list of newborn photos

  • A nice close up photo of your babies face
  • Photo taken from above
  • Full body picture
  • Baby hands
  • Newborn feet
  • Baby lying on it’s side
  • All tucked up in bed sleeping
  • Parents hands for size comparison
  • Any sentimental items like hand knitted blankets, teddy bears or wedding rings
  • Nursery photos if you like the lifestyle look
Caboolture newborn photographer

How to take the cutest newborn baby feet photos

Baby feet are my favourite photos and they are so easy to Photograph well. Here are my top 5 tips

  1. Wait for your baby to be asleep or very relaxed, timing is so important
  2. Position your baby on it’s back
  3. Find something soft and plain in colour to wrap around your babies feet. You could use a dressing gown, sheet, scarf, towel or even an article of clothing
  4. Use a towel to place under your babies feet to bring them up a little higher and position them without distractions
  5. Now gently wrap your babies feet up and spread the fabric around the area so they’re no distractions in view

You are now ready to take your DIY newborn photography baby feet photos. Lots of light is important for these photos or any close ups. Try to keep your baby still and have steady hands for a sharp photo

diy newborn baby feet photos
Include parent hands in your baby feet photos

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How to calm your baby for DIY newborn photos

  • Make sure your baby is fed and changed
  • Keep your baby comfortable, cosy and warm
  • Swaddle or wrap your baby
  • Play relaxation music or download the sound sleep app it’s free
  • Have back ground noise as a constant
  • Turn your phone onto silent

In the studio I always start my newborn sessions in the morning as I find they seem to be sleepier and don’t have windy tummies. If breast feed the milk supply is often better first thing in the morning after Mum’s had a nights rest. Just like a bath your baby may cry when undressed, so keep your baby cosy and warm. Always start your session with a wrapped sleepy baby. By having music playing in the background any sudden noises won’t be a problem. Baby sleeping sound apps and sshhing sounds really do work. Patience pays off every time. I will wait for a baby to fall asleep before I start to fiddle and move them around too much.

how to calm your baby for newborn photos
How beautiful is a sleeping baby?

18 Top tips for taking Newborn photos at home

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Write a list of photos
  3. Take your time you have the home advantage to take a few ideas a day
  4. Have fun, those precious newborn days are so fleeting enjoy every moment. Babies are the best time wasters
  5. Find soft natural light it will make all the difference
  6. Remember the tiny details and baby wrinkles
  7. Start with something easy like baby feet
  8. Experiment with different angles and crops, try as many as you can
  9. Minimal poses and props, less is best
  10. Use soft muted colours, keep the focus all about your baby
  11. Include parents hands
  12. Exist in photos, your child will want to see you holding them as a newborn
  13. Invite siblings to be involved
  14. Try find a spot outside in the shade
  15. Be patient and practice safety at all times
  16. Ask for help, two sets of hands will make things easier
  17. A skilled newborn photographer has years of experience and during self isolation will be happy to share advice
  18. Good preparation will make your session run smoothly. Have tissues, hand towels and everything needed near by
newborn baby brother
newborn baby brother

5 things to avoid when taking newborn photos

  1. Bright distracting colours or lots of props
  2. Unsafe or breakable props that may hurt your baby
  3. Harsh flash, use soft natural light if possible and leave lighting to the professionals
  4. Blurry photos, take your time and keep your hands steady
  5. Cluttered backgrounds! Get it right in camera, check for distracting elements in your photos
cutest newborn photo with teddy caboolture

10 handy items to have available for your DIY newborn photography

  1. Tissues
  2. Nappies
  3. Wipes
  4. Hand sanitiser
  5. Hand towels for posing
  6. Something to place wet or soiled articles in
  7. Heater to keep the room cosy warm if needed
  8. Knitted hats or blankets
  9. Bean bag, pillows, pet bed for posing
  10. Sentimental items and teddy bears

By having everything available and within reach, you’re able to stay close by and finish sooner. And you won’t forget anything significantly important.

Where can I print my newborn photos?

It is so important to print your photos! The very best way to enjoy your photos is by having them on display. Leaving them on a USB in a drawer they are sure to be forgotten. I have a few recommendations to share and best of all these are all available online. Whether you’re after quality archival prints, Canvas, framed wall art or albums. These are in no particular order and I can personally guarantee excellent customer service and quality products.

Brilliant Prints

My Pro Photo

The Photographers Tool box

I’ve saved the best until last! I have a gift for you if you follow my DIY Newborn Photography tips

Recently like many others I’ve temporarily closed Bee Cherished Photography in the interest of safety due to Covid 19. Personally it is breaking my heart to know many of my customers who have been booked in for so long will now miss out. Photos and memories are so important and I don’t want you to have regrets. I have thought of a way to help you all and it’s a gift from my heart. If you follow my DIY newborn photography tips I want to thank you. Send me your best photo and I will edit it for you. I want to help you in anyway I can. You are welcome to phone me for a chat, email me or send me a text. If I know the answer I will happily share my knowledge for free.

DIY newborn photography tips
BEFORE DIY Newborn photography
newborn photography gift
AFTER Follow my DIY newborn photography

Please share this with anyone you know who may be pregnant or have a newborn baby! Let’s share something to keep everyone positive and give them something to look forward to.

Thank you for reading and sharing my post! Lots of hugs and best wishes Tracy

This blog will be updated with other tips! I’m always open to suggestions and advice. I just wanted to publish it as soon as I could so you can start reading and get planning. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos!

More ideas how to take newborn photos at home click here

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