Boho style maternity photography in studio

Boho style maternity photography celebrates that relaxed hippie feeling. If you’re a self confessed free spirited Mum or simply adore neutral colours made from cotton or linen you will love these photos. Boho chic is one of my frequently requested looks. This favourite style can be classic and timeless or slightly whimsical. Depending on your personal choice and colour selection these photos are a great starting point.

boho style maternity photography

Maternity Boho Fashion

This beautiful Mummy added a touch of glamour with wavy textured hair styling and gorgeous natural makeup. Chloe is celebrating being pregnant with her 3rd baby boy and is 34 weeks. With a history of fast labours and medical advice she might not make 40 weeks. This shoot was last minute planning so we didn’t miss out on maternity photos.

romantic boho maternity styling

I’m in love with maternity photography! In my perfect world I’d photograph every pregnant woman during the most precious journey of creating a human. It doesn’t matter to me if you’re shy and conservative or confident and bold. Wanting to be fully covered, fully nude or a little of both. Bring me your beautiful bellies and I can style you to create your dream boho style maternity photography.

boho chic maternity photography

Kind words

I love them Tracy!!!

Thank you soooooo much, such a lovely experience.

Love love love them .. can’t thank you enough .. they are so beautiful

I will treasure them forever!!

maternity boho photography

Let’s dispel a common misconception

Did you know not everyone who has maternity photography is confident? Most women are not models! In fact most women are everyday women with everyday bodies and everyday insecurities. These brave women are my favourite to photograph. Thank you to all the beautiful Mummies who have trusted me to take their maternity photos! It is one of the most rewarding sessions I have as a photographer. I am filled with happiness to be chosen as your photographer. I can show you how beautiful you are and how special motherhood can be.

gorgeous boho maternity photography

Maternity photography in studio

If you’re sitting on the fence give me a call for a chat! I’m happy to answer any questions and love a chat. If you’d like to see other boho style maternity photography click here

Thanks for checking out my blog and website. During these times of stress I hope you’re feeling positive and have lots of support. Try to stay focused on your precious baby. Have fun planning for the future and exciting things like maternity photography. Please read my previous blog post regarding the corona virus.

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Maternity and Newborn photography fears over Covid 19 or Coronavirus

If you’re anxious or concerned in any way regarding booking maternity and newborn photography, I understand! My heart goes out to all the pregnant Mummies and parents with newborns. Where’s the best place to look for advice? I’m not an expert however the best place to be educated is Queensland Health I’m leaving the choice to you the parents and what makes you feel comfortable.

newborn lifestyle photography

Thinking of you all during these uncertain times

To all the families suffering stress due to health, emotional or financial reasons or worried about loved ones. Please know you can phone me anytime for a chat. I will be open to listening to your concerns and happy to accommodate you in any way possible to alleviate any fear. Obviously working around current recommendations on health and safety. I respect your decision and although I’m still open I’m happy to re schedule. I photograph babies at any age and also offer lifestyle newborn sessions in the studio as an option.

newborn and dad photography

What you need to know about Bee Cherished Photography and hygiene

What I’d like you all to know to help you make a decision on what’s right for you and what makes you feel comfortable when booking maternity and newborn photography with Bee Cherished Photography. The comfort and safety of my customers for maternity and newborns is my first priority. Working with newborns means strict hygiene always.

newborn lifestyle photography

Cleaning procedures for my newborn studio

Did you know I vacuum and mop the floor before every session. The entire room is sprayed with Glen 20 and every surface is wiped down. All hand towels are washed every time. Light switches, taps and door handles are cleaned. It goes without saying that everything I use during your newborn photography session is sanitised or washed. Antibacterial hand sanitiser is available in the studio. I am serious about providing you safe, consistent and excellent service every time.

Can I re schedule? Maternity and newborn photography fears

newborn photography bookings

Due to all the recent events I must ask if you or any family member are feeling unwell or have been in contact with anyone who has recently returned from overseas please notify me to re schedule. In the unlikely event I feel unwell you will be contacted and I will re schedule. I promise to never put your health or the health of your loved ones at risk. Visit newborn photography information for newborn safety policies

newborn photography

I am not a health expert and I’m trying to keep updated with any latest news. It’s all changing so quickly and seems surreal to me. I’m amazed how fast everything is happening and everyone’s lively-hood is now unknown. And for how long? As service provider I am currently in uncertain times like so many others with the impact of the global pandemic from the coronavirus. Yes it’s reason for concern and stress over the next few months. Another great resource to keep you updated is

newborn photography in studio lifestyle

Thank you for your support

Thank you so much for trusting me and for supporting my business during these uncertain times. I really appreciate how serious this is and I welcome you to phone for a chat if you have any questions or concerns. For now I will be operating as normal and continuing to provide maternity and newborn photography sessions. On a lighter note I still have toilet paper so no need at this stage to BYO loo paper!

Tracy Martindale

From the heart

Sending you all virtual hugs during these unprecedented times. Please keep busy and try to focus on the positives that surround you. Stay in touch with family and loved ones for support. Thanks for taking the time to read this post regarding maternity and newborn photography fears. Take care and stay safe!


infection control covid 19
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Dreamy Maternity Milk Bath Session

maternity milk bath photos

There’s something magical and dreamy about a maternity milk bath! If you love pretty flowers and boho styling then this is a must have for your pregnancy bucket list. My advice is book early for these sessions. They are still super popular for 2020. Whether you love bright and bold or pretty pastels. The choice is all yours. When it comes to all things maternity photography I love simplicity. So when it comes to a maternity milk bath my suggestion is to stick to a colour theme. Just the same as you would for your wedding bouquet.

Milk bath fun with pretty pinks,purple flowers

maternity milk bath photography Brisbane

I’m so excited to share these beautiful boho maternity photos taken earlier this year. I had so much fun planning for this pregnancy milk bath. A special thank you to Danielle from Platinum Florals for her expert advice and stunning flowers and foliage. Not to mention the pretty boho vases she also has available. I really value having a talented florist available and so local.

Why are milk bath sessions different and what do I need to know

If you think you’d like pregnancy milk bath photos and interested in learning more? Here are a few things to consider.

boho maternity milk bath photography
  • Book well in advance – due to planning and coordinating with Danielle, my preferred florist and studio availability it’s best to plan ahead
  • Can you request particular flowers? I will always try my best with particular preferences however I highly recommend using Danielle’s knowledge, experience and recommendations for the best choices available in season. Most Mummies will simply order by colour choice. Pastel pinks, bright and colourful or simply red! The options are endless and greenery and foliage can add variety too. Shades of bright greens or softer tones of grey for a romantic look.
  • Is it expensive and how much extra will it cost? Fresh flowers are the only choice when it come to milk bath photos. Did you know plastic flowers don’t always float? Prices are available when you book however you can expect to pay an extra $150 for a maternity milk bath
  • When is the best time to have pregnancy milk bath photos? Anytime between 28 weeks to 34 weeks. It’s definitely a good idea to have photos a little earlier for a milk bath. My bath is not huge and I want you to feel comfortable.
  • What else do I need to know? Milk bath sessions are taken using natural light so they need to be booked in the morning for the best light. You can expect an early start. Your day will begin in the studio with hair and makeup, and a few quick photos before the bath fun starts.

Why choose Bee Cherished Photography for your milk bath photography?

boho maternity photos

Providing you with the best maternity photos and diversity I can is a priority to me. I love the entire motherhood journey and I want you to have photos you love and cherish forever. Whilst I adore milk bath photos, there are limitations to photos in a bath especially with a pregnant belly. I always take a few studio photos prior to stepping into the bathroom. That way you will have the added advantage of variety from studio photography. In the studio I can pose you differently on your own and with your partner to add to your gallery.

lace boho maternity photos

Interested in booking Bee Cherished Photography for your pregnancy photos visit our gallery for inspiration. Or if you have any questions I’m happy to answer them give me a call on 0412 996 891 (Tracy)

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Family Maternity Photography with toddlers

Does the thought of a family maternity photography session with a toddler scare you? I have a few tips and tricks to help you decide if you’re up to the challenge. Having photos with your first pregnancy is easy. There’s only two people to consider and two adults make a very easy photography session. Fast forward to your second pregnancy and thought of having a toddler in a studio environment is terrifying. Will they behave? How will you enjoy having photos whilst your toddler is being distracting in the background? You’re not alone! It’s perfectly normally to feel like this.

family maternity photography

Tips on surviving maternity photos with a family

  • Plan well – no one knows your child better than you, so plan the perfect time of day. With studio photography you don’t need to consider the weather or work around sunset. Take advantage of booking your session around your toddler’s sleeping patterns.
  • Relax – I have toddlers in the studio all the time and believe it or not I love them. Shy or energetic just like us they come with their own personality and usually a very short attention span. I get it and I have your back. I plan your session to work around a fast moving toddler. Together we organise your photography to suit your family.
  • Arrive prepared – bring your toddlers favourite toy or something fun to distract them
  • Lastly and it’s pretty important – If you’re booking hair and makeup for yourself bring 2 cars. Enjoy your make over stress free and we can sneak in a few photos of you before your family arrives for photos. The very best behaved toddlers will find it a long time to wait patiently for 2.5 to 3 hours. (allowing 1.5 hour for hair and makeup & 1 to 1.5 for photography)
couple maternity photography

Traveling time can be an advantage

I’m fortunate to have clients travel from great distances. It’s not unusual for families to travel from the Gold Coast or Ipswich and even out west from Toowoomba. If this is you firstly thank you for making the trip! It’s a privilege I don’t take for granted and appreciate your valuable time. If your toddler sleeps in the car it’s the perfect time to take advantage of this. Book your session to work in with your toddlers routine. Consider having your hair and makeup in the comfort of your home before you travel. That way you’re ready to start as you arrive.

timeless maternity photography aerial photos

Thank you for considering Bee Cherished Photography studio for your family maternity photography

If you’re interested in more information check out my session information. you can also visit the gallery for inspiration and ideas

modern maternity photography ideas
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Fine art nude maternity photography

nude maternity photo

Looking for fine art nude maternity photography? Searching for timeless pregnancy photos that celebrate your beautiful baby bump? Fine art maternity photography is ideal for women wanting to celebrate their pregnancy with sophisticated elegant photos. Bee Cherished Photography specialise in intimate pregnancy portraits.

sexy nude maternity photography

5 reasons to get naked

  1. The focus is all about your beautiful pregnant belly and not your clothing.
  2. Completely timeless memories
  3. Studio lighting is very flattering if used skillfully
  4. Private setting, comfortable temperature and highly professional service
  5. Complete guidance and gentle direction with an experienced photographer
nude pregnancy photos

Ultimate Maternity photography

Welcome to Bee Cherished Photography Studio. Hello I’m Tracy and I specialise in elegant, timeless, nude maternity photography. I promise to make you feel relaxed and comfortable with gentle direction and guidance. Every woman is beautiful and I want to help you celebrate your precious pregnancy shape with studio portraiture.

sophisticated nude maternity

Why I chose to specialise in studio maternity photography?

I fell in love with lighting in 2009 with the purchase of my first set of studio strobes. Little did I know it would take me years to master the art of beautiful lighting. I became addicted to learning skills to flatter peoples different body shapes and sizes. Using lighting to shape, shadow and highlight all the right places takes practice. And lots of it. I practiced on everyone and anything. I enjoyed the rewards of having full control over highlights and shadows. No longer did I have to re schedule shoots in the event of bad weather. The feedback and tears of joy overwhelmingly filled my heart. To instill confidence to women who may be filled with self doubt is empowering. I feel excited creating memories. The best job in the world for me is being a studio photographer for women and their most precious memories.

naked pregnancy photos

How to choose a maternity photographer

Search for a photographer with photos you love

  • Do you love the style, colour tones and poses?
  • Will you feel comfortable having your portraits taken by them?
  • Check out testimonials

Would you book a wedding photographer to photograph your race horse or touring car? Photographing sports or weddings requires an entirely different skill set. Whilst I admire other specialised photography I know I don’t have the personality to control and direct a wedding party or a journalist style to capture the emotion of your wedding day. Find a photographer with a style you can’t stop looking at. Outdoor maternity sessions are gorgeous and lots of fun. The emotion and energy is exceedingly different to intimate nude maternity photographs. And the skill set and experience is very distinctive.

nude silhouette maternity
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Henna Belly Maternity Photos

Last year I invited Varsha from Henna Boutique into the studio to photograph her beautiful art work behind the scenes. Varsha is a talented henna artist in Brisbane. There are no limits to this amazingly creative woman. From simple bridal designs to intricate custom designs Varsha does it all with skill and speed. Her friendly smile shows her love for art and her natural artistic flair reflects the years of experience and fond memories using henna from her own childhood.

henna maternity photos

Beautiful Henna pregnancy art by Varsha

henna art

Henna Art by Varsha from Henna Boutique
Belly Art, Hands, Feet, Bridal henna, group bookings using natural organic henna
Henna Boutique art in action

Behind the scenes henna pregancy art

After the henna is applied, time is allowed to set and stain the skin. Your henna artwork will last up-to two weeks depending on your skin type. Pregnancy henna is very safe and includes soothing lavender in the mix. It smells divine. I absolutely loved seeing Varsha in action. If you’re looking for something a little different to celebrate your pregnancy I highly recommend henna painting.

maternity photos with henna art

Maternity photos or baby shower?

Henna belly art is popular for baby showers or prior to having maternity photos. I’ve even photographed henna pregnancy photos in a milk bath. For more information and availability Varsha can be contacted on 0404 001 043 or email

henna pregnant belly art

If you’d like to book henna belly maternity photos it’s a 2 step process. The henna art needs to be organised 3 days prior to your photographic session. Henna art photographs best 2 to 3 days after application. Henna Boutique can be found at Eat Street markets or Varsha will travel to you. Maternity photography is with Bee Cherished Photography in studio on Brisbane’s Northside. Check out our maternity gallery for inspiration

Thank you to Lindy for being such a wonderful model. Varsha and I really enjoyed meeting you and creating precious pregnancy memories for you.

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2 of the best Belly Castings ideas for pregnant women

belly masking photos

Belly castings are the most unique belly keepsake you’ll own. I love pregnant bellies! I think creating a baby human is the most amazing thing you’ll ever do. Recently I had the pleasure to photograph two pregnant belly maskings in action. If you’re having a baby in 2020 this is the most sentimental idea, imagine having a life size memory of your baby belly? Alicia from TLC castings creates the most precious belly masks. Watching this amazing woman produce works of art was so much fun! And maybe a tad messy! This wonderful artist is not only incredibly talented she is also a Mum in business. Alicia has an awesome positive attitude and her smile lights up the room.

High definition belly castings

high definition belly casting

The hands over belly mask requires a high definition product where the substance is poured over the pregnant belly and scooped and layered over area until it is just about to set.  Then multiple layers of bandages are applied to form a hard outer layer shell. It is then filled with stone. Generally this type of casting is more expensive and the price depends on size of pregnant belly and desired finish. 

pregnant belly masking
behind the scenes belly casting
making a high definition pregnant belly cast
pregnant belly casting high definition

Pregnant belly masking

pregnant belly cast

The technique being used here, is masking using bandages and is a much faster process.  The finished product is much lighter if you’re keen to display as wall art.

Alicia TLC castings
pregnant belly keepsake

Looking for baby shower gift ideas?

Whether you’re pregnant or a family or friend is having a baby TLC have the most amazing gift ideas. Alicia offers a wide variety of casting services for babies, families, sibling, pets, wedding hands and pregnancy belly castings. Gift voucher are also available.

Belly Castings and 3D sculptures

Alicia has been creating unique keepsakes for families to treasure, since 2012. She has successfully combined her creativity & love for sculpture art into a thriving and respected business.  Each keepsake is personally made by Alicia with love, care & attention to detail. Located in North Lakes Brisbane TLC offer a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee on all products. If you’re looking to book castings for your newborn or pregnant belly castings contact Alicia from TLC Castings

TLC Castings Alicia

Newborn photos taken with belly masks

Both Mummies re visited Bee Cherished Photography for a few newborn photos with their belly masks. I love to support other women in business. I have so much confidence and pleasure to recommend Alicia’s services. It was such a pleasure to watch, learn and photograph the entire procedure. Megan and Emily fell in love with their precious family heirlooms. I can only imagine how surreal it is to show your 18 year old baby the very beginnings of their journey. I was fortunate to photograph both maternity’s, the belly castings and then newborns. Like Alicia seeing the love in a Mother’s eyes as you deliver a finished product makes my heart sing and is the very reason I love my job. I honestly have the best job ever. To wake up excited everyday and love what you do is the very best feeling.

newborn family photos

Interested in booking newborn photos for your newborn castings please visit Bee Cherished Photography’s newborn gallery

Thank you to Megan and Emily for being a part of this creative journey! Congratulations to Alicia, I love your work! Wishing you all the very best for your casting business.

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12 Unique maternity photography ideas

Are you looking for unique maternity photography ideas? Congratulations on being pregnant! Maybe you’re planning a pregnancy for 2020? Having a baby is a beautiful life changing event. Your pregnant belly is a precious milestone you’ll want to cherish forever. If you are seeking creative imagery and unforgettable maternity photos this could be the inspiration you’re looking for.

Unforgettable Maternity Photos

1. Pregnant Airbrush body painting

body painting maternity photos

Mother Universe is spectacular airbrush body painting by Jess from Fly The Coop Cooperations. This impressive collaboration was a fun filled day in the studio. Interested to see what took an entire day?

Maternity body painting - 7

2. Henna belly art painting

henna belly painting art

Henna is a temporary form of body art completely safe and natural with a special blend made for pregancy. Celebrate pregnancy with Varsha from Henna Boutique

henna boutique brisbane

3. Wearable art for maternity photos

low key feminine and pretty flower maternity photography Brisbane
Styled maternity photography Brisbane

Created with love, artificial flowers and florist wire. I love how feminine and pretty these photos look. Who doesn’t love flowers and baby bump photos?

4. Shadowy, low key lighting for pregnant mothers

Beautiful shadowy lighting is stunning and exquisite. This look is highly requested. Perfect for those after photos that showcase your pregnant belly and motherhood.

shadowy maternity photos
stunning maternity dark photos

5. Pregnant twin sisters photography

twin pregnancy photos brisbane photographer best friends maternity shoot

Thank you for sharing your pregnancy journey with me ladies. I’m so fortunate to photograph twin pregnant sisters. What a privilege! A very special memory for me personally too.

6. Fine Art Maternity photography in studio

fine art maternity photos
Brisbane fine art maternity photography
Brisbane maternity fine art photography

Textures, colour tones and elegance. You might love this sophisticated whimsical styling. It’s almost like stepping into a different era.

7. Pretty soft back lit lighting for family maternity photos

Maternity photography with children
family maternity photography
family maternity photography

Pretty soft back lighting looks perfect for family photos. Neutral colours create timeless memories

8. Maternity silhouette photos

lace maternity photo
silhouette maternity photo
sexy boudoir maternity photography brisbane photographer
elegant nude maternity

Simplicity is elegant and silhouettes are timeless. Full length or tight crops are gorgeous. And they don’t need to be lighter photos, dark backgrounds work beautifully. It’s all about your beautiful pregnant belly.

9. Aerial maternity portraits

Ariel maternity photography
Aerial maternity photography

Different angles, using a variety of lenses results in a diverse gallery. Aerial maternity portraits are very flattering.

10. Pregnancy creative photography styled sessions

elegant boudoir maternity photography Brisbane
romantic intimate maternity photos Brisbane photography studio
creative maternity photography

I’m constantly inspired by other artists and some of my favourite photos are very different maternity portraits. It might start with a colour or texture. Sometimes it will be a particular lighting style I’m keen to try. Recently I had the pleasure to meet one the most generous amazing creative women I’ve ever met. Belinda from Husk and Vine you are a true inspiration and you are destined to become one of the most talented wearable art designers ever. You should check out her instagram page. I’m always ready to wear my creative hat for unique maternity photography ideas. Let me know if you have an exciting idea, I’d love to hear all about your vision.

11. Maternity posing on the floor

elegant sophisticated maternity photos Brisbane
maternity poses
lying down maternity positions

We can add a little diversity with floor poses. Are you feeling great? Mobile enough to get down on the floor? Well worth the effort.

12. Nude maternity photography

nude maternity photography

Confidence is sexy! A beautiful nude is timeless and classic, tastefully created this is my absolute favourite portrait to take. I’ll tell you a little secret! The majority of women who book nude maternity photos, have never had professional photos taken. They are every day women just like you. Perhaps a little nervous initially, if you’ve ever thought about stepping outside your comfort zone now is the time. You may be surprised just how easy it is and how comfortable you’ll feel. I want you to leave the studio smiling, excited and feeling empowered. You will be pleased you booked.

Sometimes you may never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory

Brisbane Maternity Studio Specialist

Hi I’m Tracy and I’m a maternity and newborn photographer on Brisbane’s Northside. I photograph special memories for families and new parents looking for unique maternity photography. If you’re looking for sophisticated elegant maternity portraits or pregnancy photos with a touch of creativity. I capture emotive and precious portraits to cherish forever whilst having fun in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Curious? I look forward to hearing from you. I can be contacted on 0412 996 891 or you may wish to send an email to

Check out my Maternity portrait gallery for inspiration

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A newborn baby brother for Darcy | Brisbane Northside

What a pleasure it was to see Darcy and his newborn baby brother recently. Welcome to the world Oswin! How gorgeous is his name? Thank you so very much for returning Elliott and Katie. I really appreciate your support and love seeing your family grow. You have two adorable boys. I’m so happy for you, congratulations on your second baby. I have a feeling these boys will be the best of friends.

newborn family photography brisbane
newborn family photography brisbane

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much! These photos are stunning and timeless. We are over the moon with what you have produced.. you are a miracle worker!


What to expect during your newborn family photography session

I feel so privileged to have families return with new additions. It’an honour to be a family photographer and capture those early days of your precious children. After all these photos will be enjoyed and shared with future generations. Newborn photos are so special. Life changes when you bring home a newborn baby brother. Did you know I include family photos with every newborn session? I always start with family photos. I know with toddlers family photos need to be fast and I move through your photos quickly whilst making sure your toddler enjoys their visit to the studio too.

family newborn photos with Mum holding baby
family newborn photos with Mum holding baby

Newborn family photos include the following combinations

  • Sibling and baby
  • Sibling, baby and both parents
  • Mum and baby
  • Mum, Dad and baby
  • Mum, Dad, baby and sibling
  • Dad and baby
  • Dad, Mum and baby
  • Dad, Mum, baby and sibling
family newborn photos with Dad holding baby
family newborn photos with Dad holding baby

With these combinations you will have several family combinations. I try to move through these photos fairly fast before your toddler looses interest. Once family photos are complete I will then start with your newborn baby photos.

Adorable Daddy and newborn photo
Adorable Daddy and newborn photo
Beautiful Mummy photo with her newborn baby boy
Beautiful Mummy photo with her newborn baby boy

Newborn baby photos Brisbane photography studio

Bringing a newborn baby brother into the studio can be daunting. How will your toddler behave? What if they won’t smile? How will we cope with two young boys in a studio? I promise to make you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Please don’t worry I always get family photos and I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to help things along the way. I’m fortunate to love my job and frequently have toddlers in the studio which is great. As long as you as a parent are relaxed and happy I am too. If you’re worried about any of these things please call for a chat. It’s my job to make your photography experience an enjoyable one.

the cutest newborn baby boy
the cutest newborn baby boy
5 Preparation tips for your family photos with a newborn baby brother or sister
  1. Bring along snacks for your toddler
  2. If your toddler has a favourite toy or book you’re welcome to bring anything into the studio to keep them entertained.
  3. Grandparents are welcome to join the family photos and then take your toddler away for some special time together
  4. Relax, their world has just changed so much I understand toddlers very well, having so many visit the studio. Leave it up to me to manage them and enjoy your time here. Natural smiles and expressions may take me acting silly. I always get there in the end.
  5. Arrive dressed and ready to go, it helps them to have a little time to just chill and feel comfy in the studio
newborn photography Brisbane studio
newborn photography Brisbane studio

For information on newborn photography sessions please click here Thank you for considering Bee Cherished Photography for your family newborn photos. If you’re pregnant it’s a great idea to book your session in the 2nd or 3rd trimester for availability.

sweet dreams baby boy you are so loved
sweet dreams baby boy you are so loved
does anyone else love newborn baby feet photos?
does anyone else love newborn baby feet photos?
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Newborn Fur Baby

Welcome to the family Wade you are the cutest newborn fur baby. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of cuddles with the most adorable Saint Bernard puppy. He was so soft and sleepy, and had so much excess skin to grow into. So adorable, it’s hard to believe he will grow to eventually weigh between 65kg and 100kg. Now that’s a huge fur baby!

newborn fur baby
newborn fur baby

As a photographer I love to photograph puppies. I have a Mini Schnauzer called George and he is full of character. I’m definitely a doggie lover and I do welcome fur babies into the studio. Whether it’s with a newborn baby, maternity shoot or just your favourite pet on their own. If you’re interested in booking photos with your best friend give me a call for a chat on 0412 996 891

gorgeous Saint Bernard puppy
gorgeous Saint Bernard puppy

Newborn photography with your fur family

Information for newborn photography sessions, to include your fur children just ask ..

puppy photos saint bernard
puppy photos saint bernard
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