Newborn Fur Baby

Welcome to the family Wade you are the cutest newborn fur baby. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of cuddles with the most adorable Saint Bernard puppy. He was so soft and sleepy, and had so much excess skin to grow into. So adorable, it’s hard to believe he will grow to eventually weigh between 65kg and 100kg. Now that’s a huge fur baby!

newborn fur baby
newborn fur baby

As a photographer I love to photograph puppies. I have a Mini Schnauzer called George and he is full of character. I’m definitely a doggie lover and I do welcome fur babies into the studio. Whether it’s with a newborn baby, maternity shoot or just your favourite pet on their own. If you’re interested in booking photos with your best friend give me a call for a chat on 0412 996 891

gorgeous Saint Bernard puppy
gorgeous Saint Bernard puppy

Newborn photography with your fur family

Information for newborn photography sessions, to include your fur children just ask ..

puppy photos saint bernard
puppy photos saint bernard
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Gorgeous newborn photos in timeless neutral colours

Gorgeous newborn photos - 3

Are you looking for the most gorgeous newborn photos of your baby? I fell in love with adorable Carter. Not only was he super cute and so full of personality. One of my favourite things about photographing newborns is making the portraits completely timeless. My favourite colours are neutrals. Your newborn baby is perfect and doesn’t need anything distracting. Soft creams and minimal props leave you totally focused on all the tiny details of newborn gorgeousness.

Gorgeous newborn photos
Gorgeous newborn photos

Why are newborn photos so important?

Can you remember the first time you felt your baby kick inside your tummy? Or heard their heart beat. It almost brings tears to your eyes when you realise how fleeting those moments are. I’m sure you’ll have many special memories of your baby. So many firsts to treasure. The very first time you held your baby. Their first feed and the very first time you bathed them. The list is endless. Each tiny milestone and every single day your tiny newborn baby will change in so many ways. It’s so important to have gorgeous newborn photos to cherish.

Gorgeous newborn photos - 2

You will never have this day with your children again.

Tomorrow they will be a little older than they were today.

This day is a gift

Gorgeous newborn photos - 4
Gorgeous newborn photos - 5

Elegant Maternity and Timeless Newborn Photography Brisbane Northside Studio

Maternity photography Brisbane
Maternity photography Brisbane

It’s always extra special to photograph couples for maternity photos and then see them return for newborn photos. I feel so very privileged to be a small part of your momentous journey into parenthood. Having met these two amazing parents during the maternity session was an absolute pleasure. I’m like a tiny child in a lolly shop when I get to take both maternity and newborn photos. It’s very exciting and extremely rewarding to be a families story teller and create such significant memories. Congratulations Tiana and Josh, parenthood suits you so well.

Gorgeous newborn photos - 6

Thanks for considering Bee Cherished Photography for your gorgeous newborn photos. You’re very welcome to phone for a chat I’d love to hear your story. My phone number is 0412 996 891 For information regarding newborn photography click here

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Pregnant Henna belly art | Maternity model Call Brisbane

Would you love pregnancy henna belly art photos?

I’m looking for a maternity model who is totally in love with the idea of gorgeous henna belly art and being a part of a creative styled maternity photography session. You don’t need to have any modelling experience, however you will need to be comfortable in your own skin and willing to show your beautiful pregnant belly. This would suit someone looking for very artistic pregnancy photos who love Boho fashion and styling.

Pregnant henna belly art model call
Pregnant henna belly art model call

Bee Cherished Photography is teaming up with Henna Boutique in Brisbane to create beautiful belly art photography. This is an amazing opportunity to have some very special creative memories. The photography session will be in studio on Brisbane’s Northside Caboolture.

Are you having a baby or do you know anyone having a baby. We are looking for a pregnant woman between 32 to 36 weeks pregnant. You must be available twice during weekdays, one day apart to visit my studio on Brisbane’s Northside. Additional information will be emailed to the model.

henna belly art painting
henna belly art painting by Henna Boutique Brisbane

Maternity model required for henna pregnancy painting Brisbane

Henna in pregnancy is totally safe. A special blend is made for pregnancy ensuring it’s safe and calming. If you love henna body art and would like to do something extra special for your maternity photos I’d love to hear from you. This will be fun and a very special way to celebrate being pregnant. This is a styled maternity shoot and includes pregnant henna belly art. We will be styling with a touch of Boho fashion in neutral shades to highlight the belly art. As part of the 2nd shoot we will be using a Professional hair styling and makeup artist to complete your look.

pregnant henna belly art
pregnant henna belly art

To be eligible for our pregnancy model photography you will need

  • To be comfortable with pregnancy henna belly art painting
  • Ideally 32 to 36 weeks pregnant
  • Able to visit the studio for 2 separate sessions on a week day
  • 1st day you’ll need to be available for approximately 2 hours (henna painting and action photos)
  • 2nd day at home and follow care instructions carefully
  • 3rd day back at the studio for hair and makeup styling and photo shoot for 3 hours
  • You need to sign a model release for both days. Photos are for marketing by Henna Boutique and Bee Cherished Photography
  • No modelling experience required
  • Please send a full length photo to 0412 996 891 of yourself
  • For artistic planning if you have any tattoos please tell us about them
  • We are asking you to pay $180 to cover costs for hair styling, makeup and henna painting (due on the 1st day of photography)

To see more stunning henna body art by Varsha click here

Henna body painting Brisbane
Henna body painting Brisbane

Pregnant henna belly art creative photography shoot Brisbane Northside studio $750 value for only $180

This will be a fun and relaxed session. If you’re pregnant give me a call for a chat and I can explain in detail what’s involved. As a thank you for your time you will receive photos taken on the day. This is amazing value for one person only. The cost for this wonderful and unique maternity photography session will be $750 However we are offering a one time special deal for $180 to cover costs of styling, painting and hair and makeup. Varsha and I will be using Photos for Marketing.

Henna pregnant belly painting inspiration
Henna pregnant belly painting inspiration

Please apply below and attach a recent full length photo of yourself. For artistic planning tell us if you have any tattoos. We are looking forward to hearing from you to start planning.

Maternity model Call Brisbane Photography studio | Pregnant Henna belly art

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Creative Maternity Body Painting | Mother Universe

Stunning and creative maternity body painting

Maternity body painting
Maternity body painting

Earlier this year I was extremely fortunate to photograph an amazingly talented artist in action. These unique and memorable maternity photos are body spray painting by Jess from Fly the Coop Creations. From concept to completion, this is Mother Universe. It was such a pleasure learning the creative thought process and watching step by step such a stunning transformation. Congratulations on your gorgeous work Jess! I feel very privileged to be a part of this special day. If you’ve ever considered body painting I highly recommend Jess. Her talent and professionalism is outstanding. She is very organised, communicates clearly and so thoughtful to the comfort of her models. Guaranteed to make anyone feel at ease and comfortable. Jess you are the best body painting artist!

Maternity photos unlike any others

Maternity body painting - 2

I personally love art and exploring new and creative photography. I often find inspiration from other artists. Makeup artists, Tattooists and body painting artists have a magic all of their own. It’s always exciting to photograph body art. Wearable art pieces, anything creative and unique really helps me to step out of my comfort zone and continue to grow and learn as a photographer. Studio light is fun, it’s an art form on it’s own. It’s ability to evoke emotion is endless. Using high key lighting has produced an entirely different look compared to the low key studio light. Contrasting moody shadows distinctively low key and dramatic. Whilst the high key lighting is soft and elegant.

Body painting |Airbrushed art work | Maternity photo shoot

Maternity body painting - 4

Body painting is a specialised art form that is celebrated world wide. Seasoned artists and up and coming amateurs gather together annually locally and overseas to compete and learn new techniques. The craft requires technical ability as well as gifted painting and careful colour selection. Most important of all from my observation is having outstanding people skills and excellent communication. Like no other art form painting a human is very unique, especially a pregnant woman.

Maternity model appreciation

Maternity body painting - 5

Thank you so very much to Kyra for being the perfect maternity body painting model. Jess and I were really lucky to work with you. It was a pleasure watching your gorgeous belly be painted and photographing you. Nothing was too much trouble, you did the most amazing job. I know standing and sitting for extended periods of time isn’t easy. Thank you again from Jess and I, we both loved every minute.

Creative fine art maternity photographs

Maternity body painting - 8

Wearable art and maternity photos is something I adore. I can’t wait to start planning my next fine art maternity session. I feel so very inspired by watching the very best on the day. I’m keen to put a few ideas into action. The amazing head piece was ingeniously made by Jess as well. Her talent has no boundaries. I love everything about this shoot. Brilliant concept, exquisite colour palette. A touch of feminine beauty with the added flowers on the headpiece. Unmistakably a strong universal mother with the overall final result.

Maternity body painting behind the scenes photos

Maternity body painting - 7

Thanks Jess for your precise and articulate planning, your incredible talent and attention to detail. I’m in awe of what you do and the day was so much fun. Please show Jess some love and check out more of her work. Jess can be found on or and also

Maternity body painting - 6

Thanks for checking out my photography of our maternity body painting model. If you’re interested in booking maternity photography please visit my gallery for pregnancy photo inspiration You are very welcome to phone to check availability or plan your dream pregnancy photo shoot on 0412 996 891

Bee Cherished Photography studio is located on Brisbane’s Northside. I specialise in elegant timeless maternity photography.

Brisbane Maternity photographer | Brisbane studio pregnancy photography | Boudoir maternity photos

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Gorgeous newborn photography Brisbane Northside Caboolture studio

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to say a few kind words. I truly appreciate it. As a small business owner, word of mouth is one of my most important and beneficial forms of advertisement.

gorgeous newborn photography-6
gorgeous newborn photography-6

I recently had a newborn shoot with Tracy on recommendation from a friend and was very impressed. Tracy was so gentle and patient with our baby boy, the photos are amazing and were presented beautifully!

gorgeous newborn photography-5
gorgeous newborn photography-5

My job is so easy when I am presented with the cutest baby boy. It was a pleasure to meet this family. I was so excited to hand over their newborn photography package. Having quality archival products and seeing them printed beautifully is the best part. I loved the soft mint and pastel grey combination. And of course how amazing is James’s hair! LOVE baby hair. The more of it and the messier it is the better. So much character.

gorgeous newborn photography
gorgeous newborn photography-4

I adore how happy Mum and Dad look. Congratulations David and Danni parenthood suits you both. Thank you so much for your kind words!

gorgeous newborn photography-3

Professional Newborn photography packages Brisbane Northside

If you’re interested in booking newborn photos of your baby I’d love to hear from you. Choosing a newborn photographer can be difficult with so many to pick from. It’s so important to make sure you book in with someone who makes you feel comfortable holding and photographing your newborn baby. Unlike any other photography you are handing your baby over to a complete stranger. I want your photography experience to be a pleasure. My promise is to make you feel comfortable during your session as well as provide timeless newborn photography.

gorgeous newborn photography-8

Why choose Bee Cherished Photography? Read more about me and my beliefs of newborn safety. You are very welcome to phone for a chat if you have any questions anytime on 0412 996 891 Newborn photography packages start from $495 and include a beautiful 10 page linen album. I believe if you pay for a professional photographer you deserve a professionally printed product. What good is a USB hidden in a draw?

gorgeous newborn photography-2
gorgeous newborn photography-2

Newborn photography Brisbane | Newborn photographer Brisbane Northside | Newborn photography packages

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Having a newborn and nervous? You’re not alone

Bringing a newborn into the world changes everything. I was completely terrified initially. Finding out I was pregnant was a surprise. Yes I’m one of the lucky ones who didn’t struggle to fall pregnant. My husband and I vividly remember the day we found out I was pregnant. It was a bit of a shock certainly a pleasant surprise but definitely not planned. All of a sudden we had to worry about surviving on one wage. How would our world change? There’s so many things to think about and plan. It can be pretty scary, after all being a parent isn’t easy. The good news is you’re not alone.

newborn baby photos Brisbane Northside

I meet so many wonderful couples and new parents from all walks of life. Being a newborn photographer means I’m often privileged to learn the different journeys women travel becoming a Mummy. We all have different fears and it’s comforting to know today support is readily available. Challenges are sometimes physical, emotion or financial. Sadly all these challenges may present themselves together making your path even harder.

close up belly bump photo with hands

Recently I discovered a wonderful service offered by Brooke Shelton. Brooke is an accredited mental health social worker. She specialises in perinatal, child and family therapy. With years of experience Brooke’s primary focus is assisting and supporting people becoming parents and parenting in the early years. Brookes vision is to provide a safe and judgement free place for individuals, couples and families to work through any difficulties respectfully with her full support.

How can Brooke help you

  • Difficulties falling pregnant
  • Social challenges
  • Relationship concerns
  • Feelings of doubt or struggling with confidence
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Concerns about parenting
  • Dealing with grief or loss
  • Sleep concerns

Courses available

What to expect in the first 12 months

If you think Brooke can help you or you’re interested in learning more visit


Individual therapy with Brooke offering the flexibility of in-person sessions in my rooms or online.

I hope you find this helpful, I love to support other small businesses especially those providing an amazing service. If you’re interested in newborn photography visit my newborn session information

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Elegant Maternity photography Brisbane Studio

Elegant Maternity Photography
Elegant Maternity Photography

Congratulations on being pregnant! Are you curious to learn about elegant maternity photography? Hi I’m Tracy and I specialise in intimate and timeless pregnancy photos. Pregnancy is one of the most amazing journey’s in life and it should be celebrated. Every woman is beautiful and I love creating wonderful memories of this very special time. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone, call and book your pregnancy portrait session. I promise you’ll love the experience and feel completely relaxed and comfortable having your photos taken.

Elegant Maternity Photography-1
Elegant Maternity Photography-1

Maternity photo inspiration

I couldn’t wait to share these photos. I adore simplicity as I believe your pregnancy photos shouldn’t be about what your wearing. Maternity clothes and pregnancy fashion will forever change. When you look back on your pregnancy photos they should be timeless and elegant. The best maternity photos are the ones full of emotion. My favourite pregnancy portraits are often the ones without direct eye contact. That connection between a mother and her unborn child is momentous.

Elegant Maternity Photography-2
Elegant Maternity Photography-2

Couple Maternity photography ideas

Yes I do include your partner in your maternity photography session. If you’re worried that your other half isn’t keen on having photos, then studio photography is for you. I’m proud to say almost every father will leave saying that wasn’t so bad. Or that was actually fun and I enjoyed myself and didn’t feel awkward at all. Having pregnancy photos changes everything. The focus is all about that gorgeous round belly and how excited you both are becoming parents. It’s not about holding in your tummy and feeling uncomfortable in front of a camera. Just like a wedding day this is a milestone in life we want to cherish and remember always.

Elegant Maternity Photography-3
Elegant Maternity Photography-3

Have no regrets during your pregnancy. Book your maternity photos and trust a professional photographer

stunning maternity photo on canvas brilliant prints
Elegant Maternity Photography-7

In the studio I have a gorgeous maternity photo on display framed beautifully. One of the most common statements after saying wow that’s a stunning photo is – I wish I had a photo like that. Those pregnant days are so fleeting and how amazing would it be to look back and be pleased you’d had photos taken. Forget all those tiny trivial things you are far to critical about. Embrace your amazing pregnancy shape and treasure the memories.

Elegant Maternity Photography-4
Elegant Maternity Photography-4

Every woman is different and each and every pregnancy is unique

I love studio lighting. To me it’s an open book to creativity. It gives me flexibility to carefully light you and create flattering images whatever your age or body shape. As you can see in these photos lighting evokes different emotions. Options are endless. I could position you with lots of soft light to give you flawless skin and diminish any stretch marks. Just by changing the back ground and lighting all the focus can switch to your growing belly using shadows.

Elegant Maternity Photography-5
Elegant Maternity Photography-5

The changes in your body will last for just nine months, but the beauty of Motherhood will embrace you for the rest of your life

Elegant Maternity Photography-6
Elegant Maternity Photography-6

Kind words from Kyra

Oh my goodness Tracy these are so beautiful! Thank you so much

Thank you for stopping by if you’d like to see more elegant maternity photography please visit the gallery You are very welcome to phone anytime for a chat to discuss your dream pregnancy photos. It’s so important to find a photographer you’ll feel comfortable with. I want you to love your photos and enjoy the experience. Special memories deserve nothing less.

Maternity photography Brisbane | Maternity photographer Brisbane Northside |Professional Maternity and Newborn photographer Brisbane Northside

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Newborn photographer North Brisbane

newborn photographer Brisbane Northside studio
Newborn photographer Brisbane Northside studio

Hi there! I’m Tracy and I’m a newborn photographer North Brisbane. Are you looking for a caring and gentle photographer to capture every squishy detail of your newborn baby? Bee Cherished Photography specialise in creating timeless portraits of newborn babies you’ll cherish forever. Yes I have the best job ever! The studio is located in Caboolture and photographs families from surrounding areas. Only 20 minutes from North Lakes, Murrumba Downs and 30 minutes from Aspley, McDowall, Geebung, Everton Park and Bracken Ridge. Easy to find and only 5 minutes from the highway nestled into a beautiful rural residential area.

newborn photography Brisbane Northside
Newborn photography Brisbane Northside

Newborn photography packages North Brisbane $495

cutest newborn photography Brisbane Northside
Newborn photographer Brisbane Northside studio

Newborn photography packages are available from $495 and inclusive of

  • Gorgeous square matted 10 page linen album (5×7 inch prints)
  • Wallet size photos
  • USB with digital images and a photo key ring
  • A personalised birth announcement slide show

Your newborn photography package includes your photography session and an online gallery presented within two weeks of your shoot. Additional packages and Wall art products are available for an additional cost. As a reference most families will spend between $495 to $1500 upwards on newborn photography. There is no high pressure selling just enjoy the experience and love your photos.

cutest newborn photography Brisbane Northside
Newborn photography Brisbane Northside Studio

Newborn photographer North Brisbane now taking bookings for July, August and September

If you’re due in July, August or September now is the best time to book your newborn photography. I do have very limited availability for this month if you haven’t booked yet. You are very welcome to phone anytime regarding maternity, newborn or one year old photography sessions.

newborn photos North Brisbane
Newborn photos North Brisbane

Timeless and emotive newborn photography you can’t stop looking at

newborn photographer North Brisbane
Newborn photographer North Brisbane

Thank you so much for considering Bee Cherished as your newborn photographer North Brisbane. If you’re looking for photo inspiration check out the newborn gallery

newborn photographer Brisbane baby girl
Newborn photography

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First birthday photos

first birthday photos cake smash alternative
1st birthday photos

Are you looking for unique first birthday photos? Something different to a cake smash for a one year old? I have the perfect solution to create gorgeous photos of your little one for their very special milestone. After all turning one is a wonderful occasion to celebrate. Congratulations to Mum and Dad you’ve survived the 1st year!

Milk bath for babies

Cake smash alternative | Milk bath photos for boys and girls

I’m personally not a huge fan of cake smash photos! Yes I know many of you are pulling a funny face. Okay some photos are very cute and I’ve taken lots of cake smash photos myself. However the reason I’m not a huge fan is I’ve discovered a new love for first birthday photos. I have fallen in love with a milk bath session for babies turning one. This is the perfect photography session for little ones about to celebrate their 1st birthday. 12 months of age is an adorable age for photographs.

One year old photos

5 reasons to try a milk bath session for first birthday photos!

  1. Toddlers just LOVE bath time!
  2. Memories are special, these photos are timeless. The focus is all about your child not the decorations and cake
  3. Fast, fun and save money on buying an expensive cake and or a cake smash outfit
  4. Perfect for a shy child or one who’s hasn’t experienced cake or sweet foods yet
  5. Results you’ll love with 3 different looks
milk bath photos for babies
Milk bath photography Brisbane

When is the best time to book 1st birthday photos?

It’s a good idea to book your one year old’s photography session early. Around 10 to 12 months of age is ideal for mini milestone sessions. Your little one is full of personality, smiles and giggles. They can sit, often stand and walk and clap their hands. Check out our milk bath gallery for inspiration.

milk bath photography for one year olds
Bath time fun
pretty milk bath photos
Milk bath fun

Thanks for considering Bee Cherished Photography for your 1st birthday photography session. Please phone anytime on 0412 996 891 for a chat or send an email below I’d love to hear all about your little one and their personality.

cutest one year old photos
baby bath photos
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Intimate studio maternity photography Brisbane Studio

What you need to know about intimate studio maternity photography! Maternity portraits are for all women any shape, size and personality. Every pregnant woman is beautiful and every woman has a unique story. Your pregnancy photography experience will leave you feeling confident and empowered. I want you to see how beautiful you are!

romantic studio maternity photography
romantic studio maternity photography Brisbane

Kind words

Wow what beautiful photos thank you so much! Those quotes you used made me tear up. Thanks so much they are all so beautiful! I am in love with them all! 

Maternity photographer Brisbane Northside studio

Brisbane photography studio | Professional female portrait photographer

  • Baby shower gift idea with a difference
  • Confidence boost for yourself
  • Celebrate motherhood
  • Beginning of a new chapter
  • Personal gift from the heart for your significant other
elegant maternity photography
Elegant maternity photography

Intimate Studio Maternity photography FAQ’s

  1. What if I’m not confident? That’s perfectly normal. I will have you feeling relaxed very quickly. And guide you during your entire session to create portraits you’ll treasure forever. It’s my job to make you feel comfortable
  2. I don’t like my ……. Yes we all have insecurities about certain body parts .. wobbly bits .. cellulite .. stretch marks .. veins .. the list goes on. It’s okay we are all critical of ourselves at times. No matter your body type I can create flattering images. Careful positioning, correct choice of lingerie, delicate lighting are all part of choosing to use a professional photographer who specialises in intimate portraiture.
  3. Who will see my photos? I love to share beautiful imagery, however your privacy is of utmost importance to me. Your images will be treated with discretion and according to your individual requests. If you’d like your images kept private please let me know. The majority of our boudoir sessions remain private. All images are photographed and edited by me personally.
  4. How long in advance do I need to book? I recommended you allow around 4 weeks for availability if possible. Even longer if you require a weekend.
  5. When is the best time to have maternity photos? This will vary with every woman and each pregnancy. I recommend any time between 28 to 36 weeks. Or as soon as you have a beautiful round belly. Try to avoid those last few weeks in case your baby makes an early entrance.
boudoir maternity photography
Boudoir maternity photography Brisbane

Professional makeup and hair styling for maternity photos

Do you need it and why is it important for studio photography?

I recommend using a professional makeup and hair stylist every time. It will make you feel beautiful and give you confidence. Even if you love a natural look a trained artist will create a flawless glow you’ll enjoy. For those who secretly love a smokey eye and struggle to master the look you won’t regret the decision. Photography makeup is a specialised skill and I only use the very best. The little extra length on your lashes and soft romantic hair will add a special touch.

Hair and makeup for this shoot is by the very talented Kymarie Makeup for more information contact Kym on 0422 966 810 or click here

stunning maternity photography
Stunning maternity photography

Thanks for stopping by and reading my intimate maternity photography blog. Enjoy every moment of your photo shoot because these memories will be cherished forever. For availability send an email to tracy@beecherished or phone for a chat on 0412 996 891

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