Intimate studio maternity photography Brisbane Studio

What you need to know about intimate studio maternity photography! Maternity portraits are for all women any shape, size and personality. Every pregnant woman is beautiful and every woman has a unique story. Your pregnancy photography experience will leave you feeling confident and empowered. I want you to see how beautiful you are!

romantic studio maternity photography
romantic studio maternity photography Brisbane

Kind words

Wow what beautiful photos thank you so much! Those quotes you used made me tear up. Thanks so much they are all so beautiful! I am in love with them all! 

Maternity photographer Brisbane Northside studio

Brisbane photography studio | Professional female portrait photographer

  • Baby shower gift idea with a difference
  • Confidence boost for yourself
  • Celebrate motherhood
  • Beginning of a new chapter
  • Personal gift from the heart for your significant other
elegant maternity photography
Elegant maternity photography

Intimate Studio Maternity photography FAQ’s

  1. What if I’m not confident? That’s perfectly normal. I will have you feeling relaxed very quickly. And guide you during your entire session to create portraits you’ll treasure forever. It’s my job to make you feel comfortable
  2. I don’t like my ……. Yes we all have insecurities about certain body parts .. wobbly bits .. cellulite .. stretch marks .. veins .. the list goes on. It’s okay we are all critical of ourselves at times. No matter your body type I can create flattering images. Careful positioning, correct choice of lingerie, delicate lighting are all part of choosing to use a professional photographer who specialises in intimate portraiture.
  3. Who will see my photos? I love to share beautiful imagery, however your privacy is of utmost importance to me. Your images will be treated with discretion and according to your individual requests. If you’d like your images kept private please let me know. The majority of our boudoir sessions remain private. All images are photographed and edited by me personally.
  4. How long in advance do I need to book? I recommended you allow around 4 weeks for availability if possible. Even longer if you require a weekend.
  5. When is the best time to have maternity photos? This will vary with every woman and each pregnancy. I recommend any time between 28 to 36 weeks. Or as soon as you have a beautiful round belly. Try to avoid those last few weeks in case your baby makes an early entrance.
boudoir maternity photography
Boudoir maternity photography Brisbane

Professional makeup and hair styling for maternity photos

Do you need it and why is it important for studio photography?

I recommend using a professional makeup and hair stylist every time. It will make you feel beautiful and give you confidence. Even if you love a natural look a trained artist will create a flawless glow you’ll enjoy. For those who secretly love a smokey eye and struggle to master the look you won’t regret the decision. Photography makeup is a specialised skill and I only use the very best. The little extra length on your lashes and soft romantic hair will add a special touch.

Hair and makeup for this shoot is by the very talented Kymarie Makeup for more information contact Kym on 0422 966 810 or click here

stunning maternity photography
Stunning maternity photography

Thanks for stopping by and reading my intimate maternity photography blog. Enjoy every moment of your photo shoot because these memories will be cherished forever. For availability send an email to tracy@beecherished or phone for a chat on 0412 996 891

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Styled maternity photography Brisbane

Styled maternity photography Brisbane
Styled maternity photography Brisbane

I love styled maternity photography! Add a boho vibe, stunning hair, makeup and a beautiful pregnant Mummy and it all adds up to perfection! Located on Brisbane’s Northside Bee Cherished Photography now offer a very special experience for pregnant Mum’s. Totally unique and created personally with colours, fabrics and flowers you love.

Life reveals her beauty one precious miracle at a time ..

Tracy was professional, particular and exact. I’ve never seen such amazingly great quality photographs, or had more fun in the making of these photos. thank you so much Tracy. “

Kind words from Shannan

Magnolia flowers for a beautiful pregnant Mummy

magnolia maternity outfit for photoshoot
wearable maternity art

Did you know Magnolias symbolise dignity and nobility. In ancient China, magnolias were thought to be the perfect symbols of womanly beauty and gentleness. White represents the moon, and lunar goddess’s. A magnolia often symbolizes Yin, or the feminine side of life. Interested in more information about the beautiful magnolia visit here

Why styled maternity photography?

I’m not entirely sure why I constantly think of different ways to create beautiful unique pregnancy photos. I only know it’s something deep within me. It’s a privilege to be trusted with. I see so much beauty in maternity photos. I want every woman to have at least one portrait to love she can’t stop looking at. It makes me so happy when I hear such emotive and genuine feed back.

stunning styled maternity photography Brisbane
Beautiful soft lighting | maternity photography

Wearable flower art for maternity photography

If you’ve ever wondered how my funny little brain works. I will share a snippet into a day a couple of weeks ago. I’m a tiny bit different due to the way I see pretty things in unusual places. I love weeds and messy long grass. If you know me you may drive past pretty grass and say to yourself. I must tell Tracy! Textures, colours and soft light surround us everyday we just need to learn to see them.

elegant styled maternity photography Brisbane
Elegant emotive maternity photography

Pampas grass, magnolias and hessian | Maternity styling

It all started with pampas grass. I love the colour tones of pampas grass! I just happened to walk past a pretty bunch in Kmart. Fast forward an hour, I’m at home sitting on the floor with it. As usual I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. Only I knew it would photograph beautifully with my new backdrop. The colours were stunning together. Add one of my favourite flowers, the magnolia and I attached it all to some hessian and florist wire. I’m only just discovering florist wire now! It’s amazing!

studio styled maternity photography brisbane Northside
Brisbane styled maternity photography

I totally love creating maternity wearable art

If you love these photos and would like to book. I’d love to hear from you. You are welcome to phone for chat on 0412 996 891. Alternatively send an enquiry for availability below. It’s never too early to lock in your maternity photography as I’m already taking booking for September. Limited bookings available.

boho styled maternity photography brisbane
boho style maternity photos Brisbane studio

Thank you for considering styled maternity photography. Visit my Maternity session information and pricing to learn more

beautiful styled maternity photography brisbane
Boho vibes, magnolias and pampas grass styling
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Are you looking for pregnancy antenatal care or breast feeding support?

elegant pregnancy photos Brisbane photography studio
Pregnancy photography Brisbane studio

I have exciting news to share! The new Mum and Bub Hub in Morayfield is now open offering antenatal care. This is so exciting! The Mum and bub hub offer an amazing service for newly pregnant women right through to care post birth for Mother and baby. The Midwives work closely with doctors so you can enjoy the ultimate personal service and support.

Antenatal care services available

Pregnancy antenatal care Morayfield mum and bub hub
Bee Cherished Photography Wall Art

Enjoy the best guidance and support lead by the most caring midwife’s and doctor’s who have chosen to specialise in pregnancy and postnatal care. This is a one stop medical hub offering complete care and support. From pregnancy testing, routine appointments, ultrasounds right through to postnatal check ups and lactation support.

Breast feeding and lactation support and education

pregnancy care and support
Mum & bub hub medical centre now open

This is the best news if you’re pregnant or breast feeding. The Mum and bub hub have their own beautiful dedicated lactation consulting rooms. If you suffer from sore nipples or worry how much weight your baby is gaining these services are bulk billed up until 6 weeks of age. You can gain expert knowledge, support and education from caring professionals available 7 days a week. Open 8 am till 8 pm

Morayfield Mum & Bub Hub


The Mum and Bub Hub focuses on the health and well-being of women and their children.  Within this hub there will be a range of specialist consultants in areas such as lactation, IVF, mental and pediatrics.  These specialists will be able to assist you with women’s sexual health, contraception, education, infertility, as well as all stages of pregnancy and then into the development and growth of your child.

romantic maternity photography Brisbane
Pregnancy photographs

Pregnancy education, support and antenatal appointments available locally

There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside you

If you live on Brisbane’s Northside you’ll be pleased to learn the Mum and bub hub is now open and looking forward to caring for you and your family. Bee Cherished Photography is proud to display gorgeous wall art photography for everyone to enjoy during their visits. Thank you to Jen and all the nursing staff for supporting a local small business. I am so very grateful.

lactation consulting rooms morayfield mum and bub hub
Beautiful lactation consulting rooms

If you’d like to book maternity portraits or a newborn photography session please contact me (Tracy) on 0412 996 891 or send an email to check availability

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Helpful tips for newborn photography sessions

perfect newborn photos

Helpful tips for newborn photography sessions. Worried how your newborn photos will turn out? Relax it’s okay, you’re not alone. As a photographer it’s my job to make you feel at ease. You may be nervous about breast feeding? What if your baby has peeling dry skin? During our photos will they be content? I have helpful tips for newborn photography.

the best newborn baby girl photo

Questions I’m often asked about newborn photography

Helpful tips for newborn photography sessions from someone who loves to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

  1. How long will newborn photography take? Please allow 2 to 4 hours for newborn sessions. This is plenty of time for photos and the important things like feeding and cuddling.
  2. I’m worried my baby will cry? Newborns may cry and I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve
  3. What if my babies skin is dry and peeling? This can be common with newborns. I do use filters to soften skin. I love imperfectly perfect babies as they are.
  4. As a first time Mum I’m nervous to breast feed. The studio is very private and you’ll be comfortable to feed without time restrictions.
  5. My other child is a handful. In a toddlers world where everything has changed I am compassionate, fast and patient.
  6. I don’t know what to expect. Information and helpful tips are available the entire process.
  7. What should I wear? You will be sent suggestions and most families already own these items
baby girl newborn photography

Newborn photography sessions are relaxing and fun

Book newborn photography with Bee Cherished Photography and I promise you’ll enjoy watching and love being involved. My helpful tips for newborn photography involve parents at times. Your babies comfort and safety is always a priority.


family newborn photography

Am I the right photographer for your newborn photos?

In a sea of newborn photographers it’s difficult to know who to choose. Sometimes it’s a feeling, sometimes you need to make sure. I’m always available for a chat anytime. You’ll never feel pressured to book or spend a certain amount. I’m fortunate to love my job. It’s an honor to photograph your families milestones. Returning customers and word of mouth are the reason Bee Cherished Photography continues to grow. I’m now taking bookings for August with limited availability for April and May.

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Boudoir maternity photography

What exactly is boudoir maternity photography? Why is it popular? Maternity photography fashion is changing. Maternity clothing trends change frequently. What’s popular in pregnancy photographs? 2019 welcomes timeless elegance in pregnancy photos. The focus is all about your beautiful pregnant shape. Let’s focus on the love you have for your unborn child. Boudoir maternity photography is simple and sophisticated. Enjoy beautiful emotive portraits you can’t stop looking at. Delicate soft lighting and pretty fabrics strategically placed.

boudoir maternity photography

Timeless elegant maternity photography Brisbane Studio

Hi I’m Tracy and I’m a boudoir maternity photographer on Brisbane’s Northside. “I wish I’d had maternity photos” Are words I hear too frequently. Boudoir maternity photography is fun. I promise, any nerves will fade quickly. People say I make them feel comfortable for a reason. I’m a female and I understand insecurities. I’ll take great care to give you the best photos of your pregnancy. The motherhood journey is one you’ll remember forever. I am a professional, I listen carefully to your concerns and together we plan your dream photos.

artistic boudoir maternity photography brisbane

When is the best time to have boudoir maternity portraits

This is entirely up to you. I recommend anytime before 36 weeks. Each and every pregnancy is different. Anytime from 30 to 36 weeks or when your belly is beautiful and round. The reason I suggest earlier rather than later is your little bundle may arrive early. Towards the end especially in summer some women may have excess fluid and I want you to feel very comfortable.

Brisbane boudoir maternity photography

5 tips for boudoir maternity photography

  1. Pamper yourself with professional makeup and hair styling you’ll feel fabulous
  2. Maternity photos often show case your hands so check for chipped nail polish
  3. You don’t need a spray tan! If you like a bit of colour make sure your spray tan is a good one. Elbows, wrists, knees and ankles don’t look great with a bad spray tan.
  4. Wear loose and comfy fitting clothes to the studio to prevent any marks on your skin
  5. Lastly and most importantly relax take time to choose the right photographer. You need to feel comfortable and trust your photographer to gently guide you to create beautiful feminine flattering portraits.
fine art nude maternity photo with soft lighting and flowers on the tummy

Would you like more information? Phone me .. Tracy for a chat on 0412 996 891 or visit our information section

Thanks for considering Bee Cherished Photography for your boudoir maternity photography. Our beautiful and private studio is located on Brisbane’s Northside. Bookings for weekends need to organised well in advance for availability.

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Are Sentimental newborn photos important to you?

Grandma's pocket watch used for sentimental newborn photos

Memories are precious, sentimental newborn photos make my heart sing! I’m often presented with items of significant value to include in portraits. Most are special for their emotional attachment. Photos evoke emotion. Words cannot express what photos can. I adore these photos. It is an honor to be entrusted with preserving family memories. I always take these precious items seriously.

Grandma’s pocket watch created sentimental newborn photos for baby Colton

sentimental watch with newborn photographs

Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another … Richard Garnett

Timeless newborn photos with a very sentimental touch

Brisbane newborn sentimental photography

How very special to have a pocket watch to include in baby Colton’s newborn photos. If you have something special in your family please bring it along to your photos. Teddy bears and jewelry are two very common items. Both are very easy to include in your portraits.

What will your sentimental newborn photos include?

  1. Teddy Bear
  2. Wedding rings
  3. Jewelry
  4. Hand knitted or crocheted blankets
  5. Newborn bonnets
sentimental newborn photography on Brisbane's Northside

If you have a baby on the way and you’d like sentimental newborn photos lets start planning. Send a photo to or phone on 0412 996 891

5 to 10 days old is the best time to photograph your newborn baby

the cutest newborn photography Brisbane Northside

Your precious newborn will change everyday. The first two weeks fly by. If you’ve found a newborn photographer you love book early. Booking your newborn photography during the 2nd trimester is recommended. Interested in newborn photography sessions click here

Newborn Photography Brisbane Northside Caboolture

newborn baby feet brisbane photographer

Bee Cherished Photography have a beautiful photography studio on Brisbane’s Northside in Caboolture. The studio specialises in elegant styled maternity photography and timeless newborn portraits. As a small business owner I’d like to say thank you for considering Bee Cherished Photography for your newborn photography. Word of mouth is the most precious way to gain new customers. I’m now taking bookings for August already. Congratulations if you’re planning for the arrival of your newborn. If you’d like to book newborn photos I look forward to hearing from you

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Feminine & Pretty Maternity Boudoir Photography Brisbane

Brisbane feminine and pretty maternity photography
Stunning flower maternity photography

Do you love feminine and pretty maternity boudoir photography Brisbane?

I’m so excited to share a few photos from this gorgeous maternity session recently. I truly believe I have the best job! I’ve always loved photography and enjoy crafting when I have time. I decided to put the two together to create something unique. Now add the very beautiful Nikita who was so wonderful to put her faith in my creation. Thank you Nikita for trusting me with your pregnancy memories. There is no better compliment than to have a pregnant mummy say “Do what ever you like I trust you and love your work”

Planning flower maternity photos to create feminine and pretty emotive portraits

Maternity Boudoir Photography Brisbane
Elegant Maternity photography

I’ll confess straight away I had no idea how I was going to make this outfit! I knew exactly what I wanted to do but struggled with the idea of the bra top. My family will tell you I am the worst person to use google. It takes me twice as long as anyone to find what I’m looking for. Perhaps I’m too impatient or my mind works in a different way. What ever the reason I’m fortunate to have creative friends to help guide me. After spending time on pinterest and taking notes it was off to the shops. I then purchased flowers, grape vines and florist wire and I was all set.

Pretty flower maternity bra to suit any size

feminine and pretty maternity photography
Feminine and pretty maternity photography

A day later and feeling very excited and happy with myself I have made this very feminine flower maternity bra. Yes I have a secret weapon! I have it on good authority this was comfortable and it’s adjustable to fit any size. I love the idea of a backless top. The grape vine is designed to strategically cover whilst draping around your body and leg. I wanted a ethereal and magical dreamy look. Pregnancy is absolutely momentous and I think every Mummy is a goddess. I hope you like my version of a pretty and feminine maternity portrait.

Styled Maternity photography on Brisbane’s Northside

low key feminine and pretty flower maternity photography Brisbane
May you always shine and spread light all around

If you’re looking for something very special and memorable I would love to hear from you. It makes my heart sing to present a gorgeous gallery of pregnancy photos. I felt like a child in a candy store planning this shoot. Actually I am still that child when I enter a candy store but that’s another story. I have peter pan syndrome .. what’s peter pan syndrome you might ask? I never want to grow up. Creating outfits is releasing my inner child. My mind is constantly thinking of new ideas and if you’re interested I have a few new ideas lined up ready to go.

Here are the best maternity photos from this session

aerial feminine and pretty maternity photography Brisbane studio
Aerial flower maternity photography

Talk about a hard choice. It was so hard to pick my favourites I could have easily shared 20. The photos in this blog are a mix of Nikita’s favourites and my favourites. Once again thank you to you and your adorable family Nikita for allowing me to style your maternity photos. A big thank you to Kymberly from Kymariemakeup mobile hair and makeup for your talent. Kymberly specialises in vegan friendly makeup. Nikita’s hair and makeup styling was a touch fantasy to suit our magical theme.

Family maternity photos

family maternity photography Brisbane
Family maternity photography

On this occasion Nikita enjoyed a break in between her styled maternity photos and her family portraits. It’s so important to include partners and family. It’s often a great idea with such small children to ask someone to bring them along for a few photos towards the end of your session. The very best behaved children may become bored during an hour and a half of hair and makeup and then add on photography time. Maternity photos with young children are fast and fun! I want your children to have fun in the studio especially when they are returning for newborn family photos.

Mother and daughter pregnancy family photos

mother and daughter maternity photography Brisbane
My favourite Mother and daughter photo

The perfect family maternity photos are simple and elegant. Timeless memories don’t need too much fuss. Soft back lighting and pretty feminine lace and real emotions. These photos made me smile during the sessions and ooo and ahh editing them. I wish I had such beautiful photos when I was pregnant. This by the way is one of the most comment statements Mum’s make in the studio during their newborn photos.

elegant couple maternity photography Brisbane
Intimate maternity photography

Beautifully printed maternity photos

In the studio I have the most stunning maternity photo framed on display. It is my most requested maternity portrait and is definitely a talking point. One of the reasons I choose that particular photo to display in the studio fills me with pride. It is my most requested photo however the Mum in the photo was having her 4th baby and her very 1st maternity photos. I feel extraordinarily privileged to be a photographer when I hear stories like that. It’s a honor I take very seriously. To be your chosen photographer to create your family memories is what makes me smile.

stunning maternity photo on canvas brilliant prints
Gorgeous maternity wall art products

I love feminine and pretty maternity photography and soft delicate lighting

Soft muted pastel colours and delicate back lighting evokes emotion in photos. Simplicity produces timeless memories. I aim to create a diverse range of photos you’ll adore looking at forever. Your family photos should display your connection and show love. Yes the carefully posed photos are amazing but I do add in a touch of you and your natural personalities. My favourite photos are often not the ones looking directly into the camera smiling. They are for your parents, I hope your favourites are the emotive photos. The photos people comment on and see true love.

beautiful pregnant belly photography
Beautiful pregnant belly photo

Maternity Photography packages Brisbane Northside Studio $450

Feminine and pretty Maternity photography packages include

  • Your favourite portrait printed and ready to frame in a 11×14 in matt
  • An hour of photography
  • Pre consultation to help you plan your perfect photography session
  • Styling to suit your pregnant shape and sizing
  • A sneak peek within 24 hours
  • A slide show to music within two weeks of your photography
  • A private online gallery to select your favourite photos
  • USB with digital images and a keyring
  • Minimum of 30 portraits
  • Hair and Makeup is an additional $150 (highly recommended)

Upgrades are available to include gorgeous wall art. Stunning modern acrylics and contemporary timber framing with hand torn prints are divine. Wall art starts from $275 with many colour options available to suit any decor.

simple and elegant maternity photography Brisbane
Romantic maternity photos

What to expect after your pregnancy portraits

After your feminine and pretty maternity photography you’ll leave the studio buzzing. Feeling empowered and excited to see your portraits I hope you plan an evening out. Especially if you’ve enjoyed having your makeup and hair styled. I will upload a sneak peek within 24 hours. You will receive a slide show to music and a password to your online gallery within 2 weeks. Once you’ve chosen your portraits and products the ordering process can take up to 2 weeks. Most commonly if you’ve booked a newborn session your photo will be ready to take home at your family newborn photography.

Maternity and Newborn packages

Booking both maternity and newborn photography packages you will receive $100 discount. Watch this space for new trio packages coming soon. I love to watch your family grow. I will be offering maternity, newborn and one year old trio packages. Stay tuned or ask now.

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone ..

newborn safely posed on bean bag
Timeless newborn photography packages available

Memories are timeless treasures of the heart. Your children will love to your family photos as they grow up. to see more maternity photos please click here. You are very welcome to phone anytime for a chat on 0412 996 891

Thanks so much for considering Bee Cherished Photography for your feminine and pretty maternity photography I look forward to hearing from you

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Newborn Photos Brisbane Photographer

The best newborn photo with rustic vintage prop Brisbane
Newborn photo with rustic vintage prop

Are you looking for newborn photos with your family? Bee Cherished Photography on Brisbane’s Northside have affordable newborn photography packages available you’ll love. Beautiful linen albums start from as little as $495. Packages include professionally printed products and digital images on a USB.

  • 10 page 10 inch square linen album with 5×7 inch prints
  • Enjoy an adorable birth announcement to share with family and friends.
  • Wallet size images are a nice touch to have for grandparents and to pop in your wallet.
  • A USB with a keyring
  • I love prints and want you to have your photos on display not hidden on your phone or on a USB.
the cutest newborn baby boy photo Brisbane
Vintage props and neutral colours with texture

Where are your most treasured newborn photos kept?

  • Are they printed?
  • Do you have the digital versions backed up?
  • Can you see them to enjoy everyday?

I’m on a mission to ensure if you pay for a professional photographer you will have professionally printed archival products. This is of utmost importance to me. Here are a few reasons why.

newborn photos Brisbane photography studio
Gorgeous newborn baby boy Jai
  • Yes I want the very best in quality materials! Lots of love happens behind the scenes. Taking the photos and editing them.
  • I want you to enjoy looking at them everyday
  • Why pay for a pro photographer and print at a cheap kiosk, the difference is amazing
  • Bee Cherished wants to provide a complete service, let the expert organise your photos
  • It’s up to us to ensure the next generation has photos to share and enjoy with their families
Brisbane newborn photos family photography packages
Check out those cute pouted lips

If you’re reading this and photos and memories make your heart sing. I’d love to hear from you. I have products to suit any budget or personal tastes. Visit the studio to hold and touch the products available.

Newborn family photos

the cutest newborn photo with sister Brisbane
How cute is Phoebe reading to her baby brother

I am very fortunate to enjoy families returning with 2nd and 3rd babies. It is a privilege I take very seriously. I first met this gorgeous family almost 3 years ago. Caius and Kimberly braved freezing weather for an on location maternity session. They visited the studio with little Phoebe as a newborn and now I’ve had the pleasure to meet baby Jai. This is the reason I love my job! I get to create precious memories and watch them grow. Now that’s very special

the best newborn photo with big sister Brisbane
Adorable Phoebe and Jai

Sibling photos with newborns are often my favourite

Taking photos with toddlers and newborns can be tricky sometimes. Your toddlers whole world has changed forever. Their Mummy has just had a stay away from home in hospital. Lots of focus and attention is on the new baby. My heart goes out to these little people in those early days. Please know I want them to enjoy the experience of visiting my studio. I have a few tricks up my sleeves to get emotive and precious sibling photos. Trust me I know how important these memories are. Phoebe was excellent and loves her new best friend. She is a caring and gentle big sister and made my job very easy.

best big sister and newborn photo Brisbane Northside photographer
Aww .. it’s this adorable!

Thank you for considering Bee Cherished Photography for your newborn family photography. Please email for availability. If your newborn has already arrived, phone to check for last minute sessions.

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Caboolture Newborn Studio Brisbane Northside

newborn photography packages Brisbane Northside

Caboolture newborn studio have packages available from $495. Beautiful 10 page linen albums available in charcoal grey, dusty pink or ivory. Book newborn photography with Bee Cherished and receive your photos digitally and professionally printed archival quality products. Photos belong on display not on a USB in a draw.

Looking for a newborn photographer in Caboolture?

most requested maternity photo Brisbane photography studio
Elegant Maternity photos Caboolture Studio

Bee Cherished Photography have a purpose built newborn studio in Caboolture. Specialising in Maternity and newborn photography with everything available to create gorgeous newborn portraits and elegant maternity photos. If you love soft muted colours and timeless newborn photos I’d love to hear from you.

adorable newborn photos best newborn photographer Brisbane
Timeless newborn photos Caboolture photographer

Maternity and Newborn Photography Brisbane Northside

stunning maternity photo on canvas brilliant prints
Maternity photography packages Brisbane Studio

I have the most rewarding job that I love dearly. I wake up excited every day to start work. Two days are never the same each family and every baby have their own uniqueness. I would love to create sophisticated and elegant maternity photos for you. If you book maternity and newborn photography you’re saving $100. It’s always extra special to see your belly followed by meeting your baby.

newborn photography products Brisbane Northside
Newborn photography packages Caboolture

Interested in booking newborn photos? Packages start from $495

Bookings are limited to ensure your baby is photographed within two weeks. To secure availability a deposit is required. Your second trimester is the perfect time to plan your photography sessions. Visit the maternity and newborn galleries for ideas and inspiration. You are always welcome to phone anytime for a chat. I promise you’ll never feel obligated or experience high pressure selling. It’s important to me for you to enjoy the entire experience. I look forward to seeing you return as your family grows.

Caboolture newborn photographer
Adorable newborn photography Caboolture

Caboolture Newborn Studio Brisbane Northside | Maternity and Newborn Photographer Caboolture | Maternity and Newborn Photography Packages

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Cake smash alternative in Brisbane

baby bath cake smash alternative Brisbane Northside
bubble bath photography Brisbane Northside photography studio

Cake Smash photos! They are so popular! Are you looking for the perfect alternative that won’t break your budget? I have the ideal solution for you. It’s fun and fast and one year old’s love it! If you’re after beautiful photos for your baby turning one then visit my milk bath gallery

Brisbane baby bath cake smash alternative photos
bath time photography sessions

The best cake smash photo alternative

Cake smash photos look great but can they can be expensive. Try something unique and different? Milk bath sessions or bubble baths are ideal. What one year old doesn’t like bath time? You’ll have natural smiles and great variety in your photos. And save yourself money buying a cake.

Milk bath mini milestone sessions Brisbane photography studio

Enjoy watching your child have fun! Emotive unique photos in studio you’ll love forever! What’s so good about milestone sessions?

cake smash alternative 1st birthday photos
Unique and creative one year old photos
  • Your one year old session will start with timeless and creative photos
  • Choose a milk or bubble bath to start the fun and giggles
  • Lets wrap this up fast with emotive high key towel photos

All this in 20 to 30 minutes and your child will be enjoying themselves and not even realise we’ve just completed 3 different set ups. Each session is aimed to give you a variety of photos to treasure for ever.

Limited offer for Mini Milestone photography sessions

Thanks for considering Bee Cherished Photography to create your family memories. You are very welcome to phone anytime for a chat on 0412 996 891. I’d love to hear about your one year old’s personality.

What’s the best outfit for my one year old to wear for photos?

cake smash alternative photos brisbane northside photography
Perfect clothing for one year old photos
  • Keep it simple we want the focus to be all about personality
  • Avoid distracting patterns and logos
  • Make sure the clothes fit well and cover the nappy
  • What colour looks great on your little one
  • Stick to one outfit these photos are fast and fun before we move onto a bath set up

Having a baby is a life changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up everyday.

Taylor Hanson

Cake smash alternative photos Brisbane Northside photography studio

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