DIY Newborn Photography Learn how to take photos like a professional

Would you love to learn how to DIY newborn photography? I have the best news for you! You can achieve beautiful photos with everyday items. All you need is a little imagination. It’s so easy anyone can do it! I will help you step by step. Please don’t miss out on those newborn memories due to self isolation. Together we can achieve professional looking photos of your precious baby.

DIY newborn photography
DIY newborn photography

Tips and tricks to take the best newborn photos at home

My heart is breaking for all the pregnant Mummies and new parents who are unable to visit photography studios around the world due to Covid 19. There is so much stress and uncertainty in the world. I want to share my favourite newborn photography tips to brighten your day. So where do we start? Let’s make a list of things to think about.

What’s the best camera to use for newborn photography?

Let’s start with the most important thing you need to know. You don’t need an expensive camera to take beautiful photos. The best camera to use is the one you already own or have access to. If you don’t own a camera you probably have a phone. Whether you have a great camera or you are using your phone, this is for everyone. It’s very basic and designed for everyone. I won’t be going into technical details with camera settings in this post. However if you’re interested in more advanced information I’m happy to help. You can phone for a chat on 0412 996 891

newborn photography Brisbane studio
newborn photography Keeping it simple for DIY

When is the best time to take newborn photos?

Newborn photos are best taken when your baby is most contented. For most babies this is likely to be in the morning. After a good sleep and a feed. I recommend bringing in your newborn baby for photos between 7 to 10 days old. Ideally under 2 weeks, however I frequently have older babies in the studio. You have the time so take your time. You have the advantage of being with your baby all day everyday. Keep it simple and tackle one idea a day. You’ve just had a baby, enjoy yourself and have fun! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

How to plan your newborn photography

It’s best to make a plan for your photography session. Think about the sort of photos you’d like to take. What colours are you going to use? Do you have any props? What time of the day? Where is the best light in your home? Make a list of photos you’d like to take! Remember to include all the tiny details. Baby feet are the cutest and easiest photos to create. Find inspiration online for the best angles to use. My final and most important tip is baby safety and the comfort of your baby is not worth risking for any photo.

Look around you, everything you need is right in front of you for DIY newborn photography!

Caboolture newborn photographer
All curled up in a snood or a scarf without ends

The best photography props are everyday items you already own! All you need is a little imagination. Here are a few ideas

  • Plain coloured sheets are perfect to use as a seamless backdrop
  • Scarves make great wraps
  • Bath mats often have texture
  • Throws can be used for backdrops, blankets or as a wrap
  • Bedside table draws could be a cute prop
  • Baskets
  • Include wedding rings will add a sentimental element
  • Teddy bears
  • Dog or cat beds can be hidden under a pretty throw

What colours should you choose for baby photos?

The choice is endless and everyone will have personal preferences. Here are some things to consider when selecting colours for newborn photos. Where will you display your photos? If you have a nursery theme and you’re planning on hanging photos in there, choose a colour that blends. Does your house have lots of neutral tones? As well as your favourite styling trends you need to consider colour tones that complement your babies delicate skin. My suggestion is always use soft muted tones. Whites, creams, soft greys, dusty pinks and beige are perfect.

best newborn photo Brisbane
soft muted tones and a scarf with texture

Keep it simple or less is best

This is the single best advice I can give to you. If in doubt leave it out! The focus should be all about your baby. Using lots of props and bright colours will draw the attention away from your baby. Always choose timeless colours and add texture for interest.

DIY newborn baby hand photos

Baby safety is a priority no photo is ever worth risking your baby’s comfort or health

Our industry has the comfort and safety of your baby always in our minds. Please don’t try to take complicated newborn photos. Frequently these photos are taken with skilled photography editing. Stick to safe poses and natural positions. Before you begin you might like to read some other safety items you will need to consider

baby safety newborn photography props Brisbane Northside studio
newborn safety comes first

What to use for Newborn photography backdrops

  • Sheets are a great place to start! Try use plain soft muted colours and be sure to give them a quick iron or pop them in the dyer to remove any creases. Flannelette sheets are a perfect choice if you don’t like ironing
  • A bean bag is excellent
  • Your bed is ideal if you don’t have a bean bag. You could use pillows on the floor or cover a dog or cat bed with a wrap
  • Towels placed near a window covered with a textured throw is easy for taking photos from above

Making a list of newborn photos

  • A nice close up photo of your babies face
  • Photo taken from above
  • Full body picture
  • Baby hands
  • Newborn feet
  • Baby lying on it’s side
  • All tucked up in bed sleeping
  • Parents hands for size comparison
  • Any sentimental items like hand knitted blankets, teddy bears or wedding rings
  • Nursery photos if you like the lifestyle look
Caboolture newborn photographer

How to take the cutest newborn baby feet photos

Baby feet are my favourite photos and they are so easy to Photograph well. Here are my top 5 tips

  1. Wait for your baby to be asleep or very relaxed, timing is so important
  2. Position your baby on it’s back
  3. Find something soft and plain in colour to wrap around your babies feet. You could use a dressing gown, sheet, scarf, towel or even an article of clothing
  4. Use a towel to place under your babies feet to bring them up a little higher and position them without distractions
  5. Now gently wrap your babies feet up and spread the fabric around the area so they’re no distractions in view

You are now ready to take your DIY newborn photography baby feet photos. Lots of light is important for these photos or any close ups. Try to keep your baby still and have steady hands for a sharp photo

diy newborn baby feet photos
Include parent hands in your baby feet photos

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How to calm your baby for DIY newborn photos

  • Make sure your baby is fed and changed
  • Keep your baby comfortable, cosy and warm
  • Swaddle or wrap your baby
  • Play relaxation music or download the sound sleep app it’s free
  • Have back ground noise as a constant
  • Turn your phone onto silent

In the studio I always start my newborn sessions in the morning as I find they seem to be sleepier and don’t have windy tummies. If breast feed the milk supply is often better first thing in the morning after Mum’s had a nights rest. Just like a bath your baby may cry when undressed, so keep your baby cosy and warm. Always start your session with a wrapped sleepy baby. By having music playing in the background any sudden noises won’t be a problem. Baby sleeping sound apps and sshhing sounds really do work. Patience pays off every time. I will wait for a baby to fall asleep before I start to fiddle and move them around too much.

how to calm your baby for newborn photos
How beautiful is a sleeping baby?

18 Top tips for taking Newborn photos at home

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Write a list of photos
  3. Take your time you have the home advantage to take a few ideas a day
  4. Have fun, those precious newborn days are so fleeting enjoy every moment. Babies are the best time wasters
  5. Find soft natural light it will make all the difference
  6. Remember the tiny details and baby wrinkles
  7. Start with something easy like baby feet
  8. Experiment with different angles and crops, try as many as you can
  9. Minimal poses and props, less is best
  10. Use soft muted colours, keep the focus all about your baby
  11. Include parents hands
  12. Exist in photos, your child will want to see you holding them as a newborn
  13. Invite siblings to be involved
  14. Try find a spot outside in the shade
  15. Be patient and practice safety at all times
  16. Ask for help, two sets of hands will make things easier
  17. A skilled newborn photographer has years of experience and during self isolation will be happy to share advice
  18. Good preparation will make your session run smoothly. Have tissues, hand towels and everything needed near by
newborn baby brother
newborn baby brother

5 things to avoid when taking newborn photos

  1. Bright distracting colours or lots of props
  2. Unsafe or breakable props that may hurt your baby
  3. Harsh flash, use soft natural light if possible and leave lighting to the professionals
  4. Blurry photos, take your time and keep your hands steady
  5. Cluttered backgrounds! Get it right in camera, check for distracting elements in your photos
cutest newborn photo with teddy caboolture

10 handy items to have available for your DIY newborn photography

  1. Tissues
  2. Nappies
  3. Wipes
  4. Hand sanitiser
  5. Hand towels for posing
  6. Something to place wet or soiled articles in
  7. Heater to keep the room cosy warm if needed
  8. Knitted hats or blankets
  9. Bean bag, pillows, pet bed for posing
  10. Sentimental items and teddy bears

By having everything available and within reach, you’re able to stay close by and finish sooner. And you won’t forget anything significantly important.

Where can I print my newborn photos?

It is so important to print your photos! The very best way to enjoy your photos is by having them on display. Leaving them on a USB in a drawer they are sure to be forgotten. I have a few recommendations to share and best of all these are all available online. Whether you’re after quality archival prints, Canvas, framed wall art or albums. These are in no particular order and I can personally guarantee excellent customer service and quality products.

Brilliant Prints

My Pro Photo

The Photographers Tool box

I’ve saved the best until last! I have a gift for you if you follow my DIY Newborn Photography tips

Recently like many others I’ve temporarily closed Bee Cherished Photography in the interest of safety due to Covid 19. Personally it is breaking my heart to know many of my customers who have been booked in for so long will now miss out. Photos and memories are so important and I don’t want you to have regrets. I have thought of a way to help you all and it’s a gift from my heart. If you follow my DIY newborn photography tips I want to thank you. Send me your best photo and I will edit it for you. I want to help you in anyway I can. You are welcome to phone me for a chat, email me or send me a text. If I know the answer I will happily share my knowledge for free.

DIY newborn photography tips
BEFORE DIY Newborn photography
newborn photography gift
AFTER Follow my DIY newborn photography

Please share this with anyone you know who may be pregnant or have a newborn baby! Let’s share something to keep everyone positive and give them something to look forward to.

Thank you for reading and sharing my post! Lots of hugs and best wishes Tracy

This blog will be updated with other tips! I’m always open to suggestions and advice. I just wanted to publish it as soon as I could so you can start reading and get planning. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos!

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